Friday, December 29, 2017

Deep Freeze

Winter has arrived in the Midwest. It's cold and the weather forecast tells us that it is going to get much colder, next week. It has been predicted that we will have at least one week of below zero weather.
But, our residents are worrying about the weather. It's what they do. Weather has been a worry all  their lives, and, at this point, they are not about to let it go.
Never mind that their apartments are warm (the temperature can be adjusted, by pushing a button or turning a dial), and all their utilities are paid.
They have no pipes that are in danger of freezing, nor will they, themselves, freeze to death.
A full service, "order whatever you want", restaurant is available from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
A well stocked convenience store is available for various paper goods, milk, candy, etc.
No one is likely to run out of toilet paper, or starve to death during this cold spell.
At least 2 movies are available in our movie theater, free of charge, every day. We offer sing-alongs, card games, a puzzle room, exercise classes and more. Joining a ukulele band is even an option.
No one should die of boredom.
In other words, bring on the cold weather. Life is pretty darn good in a retirement community.

Dear God. Why do we worry? You are going to watch over us. We know that. Teach us how to trust in your everlasting care and love.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Santa is Watching !!!!!

Have you ever heard the phrase,"One man's trash is another man's treasure."?
Well, that same phrase could be applied to this darned, new-fangled, Ugly Christmas Sweater fad. In case you haven't heard, there is now a day dedicated to the wearing of Ugly Christmas Sweaters! That, dear folks, is just plain mean.
I have a couple of special Christmas outfits, that I love. However ugly they may be to you, I think they are beautiful.  But now, I hesitate to wear them, because someone might make a comment about  my "ugly" clothing, and that would hurt my feelings.
One lady at work, has worn a different Christmas shirt, each day, during the month of December. She obviously loves them and believes that they are great. I think that they are fun and I enjoy greeting her every day, and seeing each new shirt. But just wait, someone is bound to comment on her "ugly" sweater.
Being good and kind is part of this Holy Season. Please, remember that your opinion only counts (with regards to style) when you have something nice to say. Don't be put on the Naughty List, by saying something you shouldn't.
Be Nice, instead.

Good and kind God. We are thankful for Jesus and the reason for the season. Guide us with your infinite wisdom and courage. We praise your holy name.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Mit Schlagg

What is wrong with this picture? Almost everyone I know is a bit overweight.  Yet, every holiday recipe with which I have been gifted, handed, emailed or texted, involves lots of sugar, cool whip, cream cheese and/or marshmallow fluff.
Enough already. I refuse, from this point forward, to look at another new recipe. Ina, Martha and Rachel just don't send anymore my way. Those ingredients do not belong in my grocery cart. I'm not making any of them. I have to wonder if anyone, with any sense, actually does? 
Holiday desserts are a part of the season. I get that, but, just like most of life.........within reason and with moderation.
In the meantime, I am just saying "no" to all desserts.......except maybe just one or two, or a few more.

Dear Lord, give me strength. Help me to keep my mouth shut.

Saturday, December 9, 2017


People move into retirement communities for a variety of reasons. Their spouses pass away. They are lonely. Their children are concerned about their ability to make decisions. Houses are too big or too confusing to manage. There are many reasons.
Today's Retirement Communities offer many comforts and amenities, to those folks who no longer want to or who can no longer manage their former homes.
The best case, in point, may be my very good friend, John. John moved from a single family dwelling to our Senior Apartment Community several years ago. He was lonely and completely alone in his house. Several times, he has told me "I would be dead by now if I had stayed in my house".
He gives credit to his three children, who  cared enough about his welfare to encourage his move to our Retirement Community. They helped him sell his home, facilitated the downsizing and got him situated in his lovely, one-bedroom apartment.
And, wowzer......John has blossomed. He is first on the bus for every trip! I sign him up for all of our activities. Although, he tells me that he wants to "get out of Dodge" at every opportunity, he is also happy to return home to his apartment, when the outing is over. He is enjoying his life!
John attends all of the "in house" activities that he can. He is the first to sign up for every event that we host. And, when I see him, he always asks, playfully,...."are we still having fun?"
By God, we are!
God has blessed him. God has blessed me.
I love John.

Thank you Lord for my life. I am blessed.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

When you are perfect in every way.......

The old country song goes, "Oh. Lord it's hard to be humble when you are perfect in every way." That line should be really funny, because none of us are perfect. And, when you get to thinking that you are never wrong .....look out.   Pride cometh before a fall.
Several time this week, I encountered "Perfect" folks. Perfect folks are annoying and nobody really pays attention to them. That's because most of us think that we already know everything ourselves.
That could be why so little gets accomplished on this earth. No body listens to anyone else.
My advice is ...Listen to the other person. Hear what she or he has to say. You may actually learn something. No one is always right. Life is a collaboration.
Think about this. If you are so perfect, always right, and never, ever wrong, why on earth did God create other people. Why didn't he just stop with the perfect you?

Dear Lord. You gave us two ears, and only one mouth. That should tell us something. We need to be reminded to use our ears more than our mouths. Listening is one of Your greatest gifts.
Show us how to use it more. We glorify Your Holy Name.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Lesson Learned

Don't cook naked!
Almost all chefs wear those heavy duty cloth coats, with long sleeves, when they work. Do you know why? Well, duh! Because cooking requires the use of a hot stove and other appliances that give off heat and are capable of burning human skin.
Enter one older woman, namely me, who got in a hurry on Thanksgiving morning, took her shower, got partially dressed (no, I was not completely naked), and decided to check on the progress of the roasting turkey.
When I pulled back the aluminum foil, which covered the turkey, steam burned my hand, so I  jerked my arm back and promptly burned a big spot on the big fatty part of my inner arm. Ouch. No permanent damage done. A little Vitamen E Oil, is all it needed, but my arm will be tender, for quite a while. Lesson learned.
I'm embarassed mostly. How could I have been so stupid?

Great and all powerful Lord. We need your strength and wisdom. Keep a watch over us and lead us to good choices. We magnify your Holy Name.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Could you repeat that?????

While in high school, I had the opportunity to study a foreign language. Students in our small town's public school had three language choices.... Latin, French or Spanish. I don't know what prompted me to opt for French, but I ended up taking two years of High School French and one semester of College French. Conversational French, as it turned out, never was one of my academic strong points.  Let's just say, I passed. And, to tell you the truth, today, I would have one heck of a time having a meaningful conversation in French. However, I can read a menu and my pitiful knowledge of French helps me to read the Spanish Language Labels on most of the stuff I buy. I'm glad I had the opportunity to study French.
That was a little over 50 years ago.
My mother and father were high school students in the late nineteen thirties. They both were required to study Latin. They never had the opportunity to speak Latin (and probably didn't want to). But, Latin is always useful for understanding all of the Romance Languages.
Our four children studied French and German, in school. I suppose they have found it useful, but we haven't discussed their youthful academics for years.
All of this brings me to our grandchildren. We have two high school aged grand kids. One is currently studying Japanese and the other is learning Arabic. Our middle school granddaughter is taking a class in Mandarin Chinese.
I find that amazing. When I was studying French, 50 years ago, I am not sure that I was even aware of those languages. Now, I have family members speaking them!

Great creator of the entire Universe. We praise you Holy Name and marvel the diversity of this planet.
We are thankful.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Thanks for the Memories.

Today, I had the honor  of serving breakfast to some very special people. Today was our annual Veterans Day Breakfast. It was a great event. We were honoring men and women who had served in all of the various branches of our U. S. Military. Most of our honorees were World War II Veterans (and yes, all of them were over 90), but there were a few Korean Conflict Vets, and even a couple of Vietnam Era Veterans. Also, in attendance, were several women veterans, including a Marine and a cadet nurse.
It is hard to put into words, the debt of gratitude that we, as American Citizens, owe these folks. They are very, very special citizens. They survived something most of us have never and will never have to endure. We owe them our very existence and a great deal of thanks.
It is hard for me to imagine what it must have been like 70 years ago, to be sent away from a safe home, in the United States, to fight a war in Europe or Asia. How crazy it must have been to be only nineteen or twenty years old and stare down the barrel of a gun or shoot at cities from the belly of an aircraft.
From the stories I heard today, those young women and men still remember what it was like. They are amazing heroes and survivors.

Great God, We thank You for our lives. We are blessed by your presence in our lives and by the knowledge that You watch over us, forever. Thank you for giving our veterans strength and courage.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Tell Me A Story, Grandma.

I belong to a literary organization. The group is known, by members, as JASNA. Formally, we are members of the Jane Austen Society of North America. I enjoy being a member of the group and we meet several times a year to celebrate all that is Jane Austen...her books, her life, the culture and society to which she belonged and the food she ate. I know where she lived, where she wrote, what she wrote, what she wore and where she died.
My knowledge of Jane Austen has grown immensely, in the years that I have become active in JASNA. In fact, I know more about Jane Austen, than I know about my own family. Seriously, do you know anything about your family's history between 1775 and  1819? I certainly don't. I can name my great grandparents on both sides and that's about all I know about my family tree. That's a little sad, I think.
So,  I tell you what. Write it down folks.
Buy a little notebook or type away, but, write it down. Write your life story.
Sometime in the future, (Probably not your own kids, because what do they care about you? You're just mom and dad.) your descendants will be doing some research and they will want to know all about you.Your life is important.
So write it down.

Dear God. We only live once. Our lifespans are short, but as Your children, we know that we are important to You. You love each and every one of us. We count. Help us to make the best of our short time here, We are here to honor You. Bless us.

Friday, October 27, 2017

It's Just a Number!

The workings of the human mind will never cease to amaze me. Nearly all humans have brains of relatively the same shape, size, and capacity. We all are born with brains, we grow, we learn, and it is a fact that as we age we all forget.
Somehow and somewhere in our lifetimes, something happens to our brains. A few of us go through the aging process without skipping a beat and we continue to retain most of our memory and intelligence, until we die. Others of us, forget everything we have ever learned or known. We forget who we are and we forget who we have been. We don't recognize family and friends. The human brain is one thing that our best medical doctors and scientific minds have not yet deciphered.
Yesterday, I was conversing with a resident's daughter. The resident and his daughter are really special people.  Their relationship is full of love and care for each other. In the short time, that I have known these two, it has been very obvious that our resident's memory is slowly fading. Many facts and details have been lost, forever.
But guess what? Even though he cannot remember what he ate for breakfast, he can automatically recite his G.I. Serial Number from World War II. That's well over 50 years ago!
How does that happen? Why does that happen? Well, it happens!
So, remember dear souls, that within each and every one of us there will always be a bit of a spark of who we once were. What a joy it is to find that small glimmer. We should never stop searching for it.

Great and all powerful God. We are your creatures. You alone know all of the answers. Help us to travel on toward the unknown and help others along this journey. May we always remember Whose we are. We are blessed.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

De liver de letter, de sooner de better!

The mail person finally delivered our resident mail just after 7 p.m., last night. That's really late. The daily delivery of the mail is extremely important, to our residents. Not only do they want their mail delivered, they want it delivered in a timely fashion. Furthermore, they would like it delivered at the same time, every day.
I have tried to explain the likelihood of that happening, but it is not what our seniors want to hear. Daily, I hear about the good old days when mail delivery was trustworthy and routine. It seems that years ago,when you could mail a first class letter for only three cents, the mail was always delivered, everyday at the same time.
Maybe this is true. Maybe it's not.  But, our residents remember it that way. It doesn't make any difference to me. I just know, that we would all be happier if the mail would just come before 7 p.m.

Great Lord. Help us dwell on the positive things in our lives. We are never going to have things totally the way we want them. We can't have our way all of the time. Life's greatest lesson, is that YOU are in charge. We must let things go that we cannot control. Let go and let God.

Friday, October 13, 2017

"Hi Ho, Hi Ho. You're never too old to be young."

I think Disney's seven dwarfs had it right. You are never to old to do something new.
Three of our residents.....ages between 80 and 90 years young, went skydiving yesterday. All of them raved about the experience. They loved it and no one was harmed during the filming of the event!  Then, another resident (this one a mere 92) is, in my opinion, the best pie baker on the planet. She's an expert and has been baking great pies for many years. But, the remarkable thing is that she is still doing it. And, she bakes them to give away. When she's not baking, she is fashioning hats...hundreds of handmade hats for newborns.....for a local hospital nursery. Just another thing that she has been doing for years!
One of the many advantages of being in daily contact with 80 and 90 year old folks, is that there is so much I can learn from them. They show me every day that staying young at heart and well in spirit and body, takes work. It takes action. Doing new things or continuing to do familiar things, makes life worth living.

Precious Lord. We are thankful for life. Help us to realize our potential and to share our blessings with others.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Roundabouts Redux

When I started my current job, I blogged about a "new fangled traffic arrangement" called a round- about. Now, four years later, round-abouts are still confounding and frustrating nearly all of the folks who encounter them. Things have not gotten any better.
Since I last expounded on round-abouts, the State of Missouri has seen fit to configure these confusing traffic disbursements near every Senior Community, in my immediate area. I can count at least seven, within twenty minutes of my home.
The rules of engagement, regarding round-abouts are quite simple: 1) Follow the posted speed limit. 2) On coming traffic must yield to traffic already in the circle.
Within the last week, I have met, face to face, a motorcyclist, going the wrong way, around the roundabout. He looked petrified, by the way. And, I heard the story of a pedestrian getting lost while walking on the roundabout. ( Alert!!!!Pedestrians do not have to go in the same direction as the cars!)
Lord, help us!

Good God. We are a confused and demented society. Show us the way, in all that we do.

The Joy of Words

In my opinion, one of the small pleasures in life is rereading a book that you love. This morning, my time was spent rereading a novel that I have enjoyed several times. One of the reasons for enjoying a book, over and over, is that during each reread, something new always pops up.
During today's reread, I happened upon two words words that had gone unnoticed in my previous readings. The first word was "eclaircissement." My public school education (thank you, Mlle.Laney) told me that the word had something to do with the word "clear." By golly, it did. I looked it up and found that it means,"the clearing up of something that was vague." Eureka!
Therefore, I discerned an eclaircissement of the word "moiety", after I researched its meaning. Moiety means something divided into two parts. And, the parts do not necessarily need to be equal.
You're never too old to learn something new.

Thank you Lord, for giving us a brain with which to think. Reason is a wonderful thing. With reason we are able to discover the wonderful things You have given us. With reason we can appreciate all that life has to offer.

Monday, September 18, 2017


I've worn bifocals for years. Some people admit that they have had difficulty learning to adjust to them. Others opt for the the "lineless" type of lens, that makes a person wearing bifocals look like they have single vision glasses ( a younger look, of course). However, I have always preferred to wear my bifocal lenses with pride. Lines have never mattered to me.
But now, I can't see this computer screen. I find myself sending out emails with double letters and misspelled words! I think that I am beginning to look either demented, inebriated or maybe just crazy.
I see fine far away. I see fine close up. I just can't see the screen and what I type.
So, I guess I need tri-focals. Easy enough, except I have already seen the eye doctor, this year. I have to wait another six months to see him again. (Thank you Medicare!)
Voila! I have discovered "Readers" or "Cheaters", or what ever you want to call them. I can see much better now. For a mere, one dollar per pair, I have computer glasses. One pair at work and one pair at home. Yes, it is a bother to be constantly changing glasses. I can't walk or see clearly, once I look away from the screen in my new glasses, but at least I am cutting down on my written errors.
The Dollar Store has offered me a new lease on life.

Great and merciful Lord. Sometimes life is so simple. We try to make it so difficult. Show us how to enjoy life and put our efforts into what really matters.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Happy Birthday to ya!

In a few days, I will be another year older. I'm not complaining. I love getting older. It sure as heck beats the alternative. Because, at my age, I am considered a survivor.
There are many perks to getting older. Everyone knows that the Senior Rate is a big help to those of us who are now on a fixed income. And, how about those lines at the TSA check-in. Old is the new "go to the head of the line"!
Then, there is the realization that you don't have to buy the best of anything. After a certain age, it doesn't make sense to get the best, which often comes with a lifetime warranty. Because I am a "Senior", I am never going to get my money's worth. A lifetime warranty, or even a twenty-five year guarantee, isn't going to do me any good!
So, look for me in the cheap tee shirt. It might have glitter and sequins. I don't care it they fall off after 20 or so washings. I had a friend that swore she never looked at the expiration date on a milk carton. Heck, I'm adopting that attitude, also. Who knows how long I'll last?
I am going to love living, for as long as I can.

Great God. I am on your side and I am blessed to know that you are on mine. Show me how to serve you in the best way possible. I praise your Holy Name.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Will wonders never cease?

You are never too old to experience new things. Remember that old commercial (I think it might have been for Wendy's) where the old lady says, "I can't believe I ate the whole thing!" Well, I'm old enough that I can relate to that statement.
I can't believe I went to a "boat-in" bar at the Lake of the Ozarks. Now, I didn't drive a boat to the bar, but I rode a boat to a bar. The whole experience was a bit surreal. Several hundred folks, all in swim suits or parts of swim suits, drinking, dancing and mingling, in and around a swimming pool. I was agog! That was certainly a first time experience for me, and probably a once in a lifetime experience, also.
So, what will I do next? Who knows? But, I'm not ready to sit back and be waited on just yet. I have a lot of living yet to do.

Great God. Thank you for the experiences of life. Thank you for the good and the bad. We are your creations and you have given us all so much. We praise your Holy Name.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Joy to the World

Several months ago, I started a Happiness Diary. Each day, I write down three things which bring me joy. I can't remember who suggested that I do this, but whoever you are....thank you so much.
I journal and obviously, I Blog. But, those things require thought and remembering to use my best grammar skills. But, my Happiness Diary is often only three words or just the names of three people that make me joyful and happy. I just can't screw up the tenses in three words.
Today, before nine o'clock, I wrote down the first names of three folks, who made me laugh. It was Monday morning, and my smiles are sometime hard to come by on a Monday.  But, the three people that made me laugh, this morning, were a real joy!
To tell you the truth, later, I dealt with some folks today that did not make me laugh. They were crabby, complaining and totally unpleasant to be around.....BUT, because I had those three names of joy,  I stayed on an even keel, the whole day.
Every day that I write in my Happiness Journal is a good day. Sometimes, it is even a great day.
I am blessed.

Thank you Lord, for my Joys and Blessings. Allow me to show others, that through Your Grace and Goodness, all lives are better. Help me to ease the unhappiness of others and to calm their fears and worries. All these things, I ask in your name.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Heart and Sol

It rained in the Heartland today. Normally, that would have been just fine. However, today was "Total Solar Eclipse Day". It's been approximately 100 years since our area had the last one. And it will be about that long until the next one occurs.We have been planning for this day for several weeks. And, hundreds of thousands of people were expected to descend upon St. Joseph, Missouri, which was one of the larger towns in the path of the Total Eclipse. St. Joseph, just about 50 miles North of here, has been known, here to fore, as the starting point of the Pony Express, and the place where Jesse James was shot in the back, by a coward named Howard.
Last week, I sold Eclipse Glasses. One pair to a customer. As I neared the end of my stash, one lady came to buy a pair. She paid the required one dollar. "Where," she asked, "were we going to hold to hold the Eclipse Event." I hesitated and then said, "uhhh.....Outside." "Well, I don't want to go outside," she replied. I just smiled. My allotment of specs was sold out in two days. By Friday, they were are gone. Every place in town was also sold out.
When I arrived at my desk today, Monday, it was already crowded, with late-coming potential buyers. I had to turn the folks away. "What can we do?" they asked. I said, "Don't look at the Sun."
As eleven o'clock approached, the sky had already dumped a couple of inches of rain. One lady came to my desk to ask....will they still have the Eclipse if it rains? Uh....yes, I replied.
The skies became cloudless just long enough for the shadow to pass over the Sun, until only a small sliver remained. Then, unfortunately the sky clouded up and it poured down rain. We didn't actually get to see Totality.
One lady was extremely disappointed. The Sun was so small, she complained. "I expected it to get a lot larger." I tried to offer her hope, "Maybe next time."
The whole event came to a sputtering and soggy end, but the day was saved by a former colleague who called and asked .....How does the Man in the Moon cut his hair?????
How??? He clips it! (cymbal crash)

Precious Lord. Sometimes once is enough. Guide my feet Lord, while I run this race. I need your help and steadfast Love.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Just wait awhile.....

Several posts ago, I wrote about going natural with my beauty regime. I was starting to use apple cider vinegar and coconut oil, instead of buying specifically manufactured beauty products.
That particular post elicited a comment by my daughter. She wrote, "You're just like me."
Whaaaat!!!  How long have I been waiting to hear an admission like that, from any one of my four children? Let me tell you how long. About 5 decades!!!! And, this comment came from the youngster who didn't like anything I said, liked or did, from the time she was about 5, until way into her adulthood. When she graduated from high school and I realized I would never, ever have to shop for another prom dress (she had four younger brothers), I was truly elated. To say that our tastes have often been very dissimilar, is putting it mildly.
Now, I am going to cherish her comment. I am honored. I am sincere when I admit that I thought such a comment would never be made. I am so proud.
Being a parent is tough work. All of my children are excellent parents. Maybe their dad and I did something right after all.

Dear Lord, most of us try really hard to do the right thing. It's hard. Sometimes we make mistakes. We know that you forgive us. Sometimes it's harder for our fellow humans to be forgiving. Show us how to love each other unconditionally.
We honor your wisdom.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Silver Linings

It is now the middle of the month of August. More often than not, mid-August means really hot, dry weather. Our lawns, here in the Heartland, normally start to become dry and brown, about this time of year. They go dormant and don't green up again until Spring.
However, this year we have had an abundance of rain. Sure, we have had 100 degree days, but along with those hot days, we have had rain.
Every lawn in still springtime lush, and the tomato vines have sprouted a plethora of red and yellow juicy balls. Hot weather and rain. It's been a spectacular summer.
And yet, I have still heard complaints about "all of this rain".
Longfellow said it best...."into each life a little rain must fall". And, a modern country-western singer joyfully sings "rain is a good thang". And, by golly it is.
Life would be pretty dull, without a little rain. A little sorrow makes us appreciate all of the many joys and blessings we have been given.

Great God. We thank You for our many blessings. We also give thanks, to You, for the sorrows and sadness. The bad times help us to grow as Christians, and make the good times even sweeter. We praise your Holy Name.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

"When other friendships have been forgot........ours will still be hot!"

I want to write about friendship. I assume that everyone has friends, but I would like to hope that each and every one of my readers has a couple of life-long friends. Friends that you can call on the phone, after a couple of weeks or even a couple of months of not talking, and continue in conversation, like you had talked to them yesterday. Really special friends.
I thought for a while that only women had that kind of friendship. Men are, after all, solitary creatures. We have come to believe that they don't form lasting relationships. Then, I met Jack and Ray. These two guys became friends, many years ago, through their church connection. They both had successful careers, grew older, retired and then ended up in the same senior citizen community. Ray and Jack are old friends. Now, they visit almost every afternoon.
One of the joys of growing older is that we tend to remember the past.....not always the present, but we remember the past. Therefore, old friendships are important.
Jack and Ray can talk about the past and they understand the backgrounds of each other. Ray can appreciate the pride that Jack has in his two daughters. Jack can attentively listen to Ray's explanation of navigating by using a sextant. They are buddies from way back.
Judy and Leslie, and more recently (after only 40 or so years) Sue, you will always be my special friends. I love you and I need you. I treasure our lifelong connection. You are a part of who I am.

All knowing and most powerful God. Thank you for giving us friends to love and to treasure. Thank you for showing us how to share and grow. We praise your Holy Name.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Killer instinct

I want to make it perfectly clear that I have never shot or held a real gun. Nor, have I ever been interested in doing so. We are not a family that hunts. However, I will admit that one of my most prized childhood possessions was a pair of ebony-handled toy six-shooters, with which I used to practice my quick-draw skills. Furthermore, I remember looking quite the fashion plate when I wore the silver studded holster, slung low on my black corduroy skirt with the contrasting white plastic fringe. But, that was 60 years ago.
But, recently, I have taken up shooting. Granted, my weapon of choice is only a pellet pistol. One shot at a time, makes it a one-shooter. And, my prey.....groundhogs.....have such tough skins, the most damage I can do (if I ever manage to hit any of the darn things) would be a sting on their backsides.
We have a large yard.
We didn't mind the varmints when they stayed in the far reaches of that back yard. However, I took up the battle when I found one on our back deck, nibbling on my potted plants.  Groundhogs are huge. They are herbivores and eat anything green. Now, the crazy things have burrowed along our foundation, on both ends of the house.
We have an invasion. Something has to be done. If the pellet gun doesn't work, I'm committed to trying gas or bombs, as a last resort.
I don't expect this violent phase of my life to continue. I will keep at it only until the groundhogs establish residency elsewhere.

Dear God: Our earthly life is full of unexpected turns. Show us how to meet each new event with joy and acceptance. Help us to see each day as a new normal. We praise you everlasting name.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

"Grandma, you need to look in a mirror."

I have been reading quite a bit of criticism, in the news lately, about the clothes currently worn by political wives, as they attend state functions. One critic focused on the vibrant colors of one ensemble. Her colors were to bold. She should have worn more subdued colors.  Another critic pooh-poohed the style of the dignitary's clothes. Too high fashion and too expensive for a person representing a democracy, the critic decried..
Well. Let's be thankful that our political wives aren't dressing (or in a state of undress) like most of the celebrity women we see these days. Can you imagine a Trump wearing what Khloe Kardasian wears? Or, what Taylor Swift wears? Or maybe, and this is a frightening mind picture....Hillary in one of Beyonce's outfits?
I, for one, am thrilled that all of our recent First Ladies have been dressed with class and style. Trump, Obama, Bush, Clinton. They are looked great and made our country look great..
And, frankly, I appreciate that they dress up........period. Too bad most of us don't try to emulate them. Have you looked around at your fellow Americans, lately. We don't care what we look like. And, it's pretty obvious.
The more holes and rips you have in your pants...holes make pants more expensive. Sneakers and flip flops have replaced shoes. Leggings have replaced slacks and no rear end looks attractive in leggings! Oh, and of course (as the commercial goes), we have a little plumber in all of us!
America......stop criticizing people because they can afford to look good.
America.......the next time you go shopping at Wal Mart, buy a mirror.

Dear Lord. What ever happened to forgiveness? Why can't we all just get along. Help me to work at becoming more forgiving and less critical. Help me to love more and complain less..

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Fake, Fake, Fake!

There is a lot of talk today about things being fake. Much of the news, we see and hear about, appears to be fake. At least half of America is calling it fake. The other half is so angry, we don't know what they are calling it. But then again, maybe the reports of half of the American population, being angry, are fake, too.
That aside, we had a "fake" incident at home, the other night.
Our granddaughter explained, to her ancient grandpa and grandma, the techniques and benefits of "fake" crying.  Anyone can do it, she assured us. And, if you do it right, the results are quite beneficial to the crier.
Whining and pleading, while you cry, gets the best results, we were told. Most of the time, it works, our expert explained. You can get almost anything you want, if you just play it right.
Holy Cow. Who knew? Out of the mouths of babes.
If this technique becomes common knowledge, anyone might use it. Career politicians will be using it, soon. Criminals, on trial, will take advantage of this phenomena. Maybe, I'll try it next week, at work.

Great and all powerful God. Emotion is a powerful thing. Help us to be God-fearing and truthful in our lives. We praise your holy name.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

au Naturel

In spite of my nickname, Fancy Nancy, I try to keep my life as simple as possible. I have never been  labeled as "high maintenance". I'm not into much make-up and Lord knows, I don't spend much time on my hair.
I have, however, spent a few thousand dollars on beautifying lotions and potions of many kinds.
Now, I have turned over a new LEAF. My newest beauty products are all Natural!
I have stopped using hair conditioning lotion and switched it out for a plain old bottle of apple cider vinegar. Besides being much less expensive, it seems to work quite well. I really like the way it makes my hair feel. The only down side is that I think I smell a little like a tossed salad and the vinegar fumes burn the heck out of my eyes.
I've also begun using coconut oil for body lotion. Oil, however, must be a misnomer. Coconut oil congeals at room temperature, and it is a bit gritty feeling. It has the texture of bacon grease.
But, it makes my skin feel really soft and smooth. However, I just cannot get the bacon grease thought, out of my mind. And, I think I smell like a Mounds Bar.
No telling how long this new "Natural Phase" of my life will last. Many years ago, I had a girlfriend who tried using lemon juice on her hair. It was supposed to lighten her naturally blondish locks. As I recall, all it did was attract flies!
C'est la vie!

Holy Lord. Watch over us. Be our guide and protector as we wander aimlessly through the many stages and phases of our lives. We praise Your name.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Never Say Never

Years ago, I vowed I would never, ever have one of those "ugly a**, you all know the type, recliners in my living room".
I don't know whether my children remember, but their father and I had a very heated argument, in a furniture showroom, over the purchase of one such chair. It was quite a scene, and it involved a few tears, accompanied by some loud, unkind remarks, directed at my in-laws.
My husband's father and mother had given us a couple of hundred dollars to purchase a recliner. They thought  their son needed one, in our living room. Well, I did not want one, in my living room. Those chairs were ugly. They had no style. I did not want a big, ugly piece of furniture, any place in my house, and I didn't care who knew it.
We, my husband and I, eventually settled on a recliner, for him, in our downstairs family room. His parents were not pleased, but my spouse and I stayed married.
Last month, I purchased, by myself  and by my own volition, a recliner for our living room. My husband deserved one. He likes it. It is not ugly, it is beautiful. It's leather and it cost an arm and a leg, but by golly, it's a recliner.
I am a woman. I can change my mind.

God. You are a marvel. You love us, know matter what crazy things we do. Show us how to curb our pride and prejudice. Teach us how to do Your will. We praise Your Holy Name.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Ten Thoughts

Here are ten things that I, as a senior, can do. (And many young folks cannot.)

1. I can add, subtract, multiply and divide numbers.........without using a machine.
2. I can read and write in cursive.
3. I am able to tell time on any kind of clock....not just a digital one or a phone.
4. I  can enjoy eating out,with family and friends, and not have to check my cell phone, once.
5. I know how to write a check, read a map and follow printed directions.
6. I can express myself in many ways...none of which include shaving my head or having some one stick an inky needle into any part of my body.
7. I can read a newspaper.
8. I cannot reproduce......and don't want to.
9. I can remember when I didn't have to pay to watch my own television, even if I had to get up to turn the set on and off.
10. I have had a productive and successful life, without having to post my every thought, action and bodily function, on the Internet.

We should appreciate all that we have experienced in this life. We can't be young again. And, would we really want to? I feel great about being who I am, who I was and who I will become.

Okay, God. Nobody told me what it would be like to grow older. I don't remember that class. But, with Your steadfast love, I think I am making the best of it. Help me to stay strong and healthy and to put Your will above my own.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Don't Get Mad, Get Even

Admit it. We all get really angry sometimes. And, sometimes that anger turns to vindictiveness. We are so mad, we want to get even.
Thankfully, most of us calm down and our anger resides, often to the point of forgiveness, or perhaps even forgetting. Revenge is not a good path for anyone to take.
However, sometimes the urge to "get even" takes over our good sense, and because we hold on to the slight or offense, when we should let it go, we manage to look pretty stupid when we get our revenge.
I had a friend, years ago, who insisted on buying herself something really expensive every time she felt slighted, abused or misused. I'm talking diamond rings, diamond bracelets and automobiles. I'm sure it wrecked havoc on her household budget. But, that's how she got her revenge.
At work, one resident told me that the "Exercise Lady" gave him exercises that hurt his rear end, so, he refused to go back. Well, I told him, that sure showed her, didn't it?
Then, there was the woman who went to her Weight Loss Group Meeting, only to realize that it had been cancelled. She immediately went out for a late breakfast of biscuits and gravy. (All of those carbs, couldn't have been on her diet.) Now, that's really showing her fellow group members!
Revenge or getting even, is a very risky business. ...and it never, ever is a good thing.

Kind and all-knowing Lord. Your life was one of forgiveness and understanding. Help us to be more like You. Teach us to live your Word. Show us how to love one another, unconditionally, as You love us.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

"....and as for me, my little brain isn't very bright."

I'm  so confused. I've always believed I knew the definition of the four letter word, HACK. And, although I have been aware that there have always been several meanings for the word, apparently I am way off-base, and for all intents and purposes, totally lacking in modern word knowledge.
Used as a verb, to HACK, has always meant to cut and chop coarsely. As is, "I hacked up a chicken and, by golly, I intend to cook it."
As a noun, HACK is a word that describes a taxi operator. As in, "I hailed a cab and the hack took me on one wild  and crazy ride."
But, now it has even more meanings, most of which, confuse the heck out of me.
I can visit a website for craftsy-type persons and learn all kinds of HACKS that will make my life simpler. For example, I just saw a fast-forward video of how to create a fire-pit in approximately one and half minutes. (You and I know it would take much longer, hours at the least, and God only knows how it would look upon completion.) So, this kind of HACK is supposed to be good.
Then, the news is now full of bad folks who HACK. We have Soviets who HACK away at our government officials and their email at an alarming rate. Hackers HACK into our private email and steal data and God forbid our ***-**-****s. They know who we are, what we do, what we buy and where we live. I searched and found several websites dedicated to improve ones hacking skills. It must be fairly easy to learn how to HACK.
There may be other meanings of HACK. Perhaps if I learn how to HACK, I can discover them on the Internet.

Lord of all of us, good folks and bad. Show us how to use our skills to do your will and lead us to make this world a better place where we can live in community with others. Remind us to be less self-absorbed and selfish. Show us how to make peace.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

It's a Smaller World.

Are you on Facebook? Apparently many "older" Americans are. I am, and I enjoy reading posts on my page, from Friends.
Now, the word Friend, on Facebook, can mean many things. And, many of my Facebook Friends are truly my life-long, close-to-my-heart Friends. Then, there are my related to me children, my sister and her family, and of course my husband, and his brothers and their families. Those folks are more than Friends. Last, come the acquaintance friends. I know these folks, but not very closely.
I look at what's posted every couple of days. And, occasionally I will make a comment, which is usually a "Happy Birthday wish". I don't do political stuff. Too, much anger, these days. I don't comment on "Do you know what this is?" or play games.
But, I have noticed something recently about Facebook. Facebook is like that old games of 6 or 7, or some number of degrees of Kevin Bacon. The object of the game was to connect one person, in a certain number of things or people, to the actor Kevin Bacon. It was easy to do....and Kevin Bacon was not hugely famous!
With Facebook, the same thing happens. Any obscure post on your Facebook page, will connect you to a common Friend. And, furthermore, you can type in the name of anyone, and chances are that person will be Friends with someone you know.
It's a smaller and smaller world, Walt.

Dear God. Thank you for the many blessings we have recieved, in your name. Life is a joy and we are so blessed to be living in this world.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Don't Argue with me!

As time goes by, I like to think that I continue to learn new things. Just recently, I had one of those AH-HA moments of knowledge, that will hopefully enrich my life and the lives of others.
I must stop arguing. The need to be right, all or most of the time, is just unnecessary. And, although insisting on being right may make us feel good, it does nothing for the person or persons you disagree with.
Let me give you an example. We know several couples, where one or the other of the spouses constantly corrects everything the other says. When one spouse says that an incident occurred five years ago, the other says, actually it was six. Or, this or that happened in Houston, and the other one says, no, it was in Dallas. Who cares? What difference does it make? Let it go, folks!
Detail, unless it involves money or life and death issues, is insignificant. Stop, and just look at the bigger picture.
I'm going to work at this one. I know I am guilty of nitpicking on details. It just doesn't matter.

O Lord. Teach me to hold my tongue. Remind me to say things that enhance the lives of others. Keep me from choosing hurtful words. I ask for your guidance and wisdom.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Never Too Old

Don't you just love birthday parties? We might not like the idea of adding a year to our ages, but most of us like birthday parties. Cake, ice cream and possibly champagne? Party favors, balloons and old friends
One of my duties involves making arrangements for events and parties. Often the adult children and grandchildren, of our elderly residents, want to schedule a birthday party for their relatives.
Occasionally relatives will want to schedule a surprise party for a relative.
Not so super!
No, I tell them. Grandma, who is turning 90, will not want a surprise party. She will want to know about the party in advance, so she can have her hair and nails done. She'll want to have a new dress for the occasion, or at least a new pair of sneakers!
Grandpa will feel the same way. He loves routine and wants to know in advance exactly what is going to happen. Don't mess with his routine or his nap schedule..
What's more, dear relatives, older folks hate surprises. A surprise can cause anxiety and might possibly cause a heart attack, or worse. Please, rethink that Surprise Party idea. It is not a good one.
Party on, everyone.

Dear Lord. We thank you for our many years on this earth. We glorify your name. Thank you for being our constant.


My new mantra involves my legs, my arms, my brain and actually, my whole person.
Because, I do a lot of walking from apartment to apartment, all day long, I fear that I might possible wear myself out, one of these days.
Therefore, in order to save wear and tear on my body, I have vowed to "work smart".
So, after I clock in each morning, I say to myself, "work smart", as I pick up my keys, my appointment books and walk to my desk in one fell swoop. When I leave for the day, I try to remember to take my keys, my books, and my other stuff with me (making one trip), as I head to clock out.
If I need to step outside, I repeat my mantra, "work smart", and take my keys, my fob and my walkie talkie with me, before I head to the door.
My changed "manta life" has been going on for about three weeks now, and I cannot tell whether it is making a difference in my physical well-being or not.
However, repeating my mantra has kept me focused. I am forgetting fewer things and I believe I am saving some unnecessary steps.
I plan to be around a long, long time.

Dear God. I try to do your will. Keep me healthy. I need your help, dear Lord. I can't do life with out you.

Saturday, April 1, 2017


It is 2017. It is the age of cell phones, cordless razors, cordless vacuums, cordless mouses, cordless toothbrushes, etc., etc. So why then, are we still allowing ourselves to become tangled up in electric cords?
In the last three months, I have been in countless hospital and rehab rooms. In every one of those rooms, there have been TV remotes, phones, and nursing call buttons. Every one of those items have had big long thick cords. And, those cords have caused a myriad of problems.
Why do patients need all of those cords? My remote at home doesn't need a cord! Are hospitals afraid patients will swipe their ugly remotes and take them home? I think not.
Almost everyone has a cell phone these days. Let the patients use their own cell phones to make calls.
And call buttons should be built into the beds.
Hospitals listen up. Get rid of those cords.
Moving the bed up and down, gets all those cords tangled in the bed's mechanism. The cords get tangled in the wheels of wheelchairs and walkers. Nurses carts get tangled in the cords when vitals are taken. I don't even want to think of the number of falls those cords have probably caused.
Just get rid of them, STAT.

Dear God, We get frustrated at times. Help us to calm down and act reasonably, even when we think that those around us are not. Give us patience, dear Lord, and peace.

Friday, March 17, 2017

What's in store?

Retail is changing in this country. We do not shop and buy the way we did 10 years ago, 20 years ago or 60 years ago.
In the past we had to buy locally. If you couldn't find it "downtown", or in the Sears and Roebuck Catalog, you didn't need it, and you just did without.
Just a few years ago, we all went to the local mall to shop for necessities and to browse. I remember walking around and going into dozens of shops, just looking. Now, most of those malls, that were so popular, are boarded up or have already been torn down.
Well, times have certainly changed. If I want to purchase an item, I don't immediately hop in my car and drive to a store. The first place I check is "on line." It's so easy and I can do it from my home. I just log on and type "jacket" or "blue sweater" or "bedspread" or anything. Dozens of places pop up, and I can shop until I find what I want.
Then, a few more clicks and I have purchased the item and I will shortly know when it will be shipped to me. Often the shipping cost is zero, and returning unwanted items is equally as easy.
Retail stores are closing every day, while the shipping business is booming. Both young people and old folks are shopping on line. During the holidays, the US Postal Service even subcontracted for UPS and FedEx.
You can't buck the trend. Just click away and shop till you drop.

Dear Lord. Change is inevitable. We cannot make things stay the same, and to try to do so, is foolish.
Help us to embrace change and to enjoy it. God, help us to choose our battles and to focus on the important stuff.
Bless our families and keep those that we love, safe and healthy.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Mid-Century Modern

Imagine my surprise, when I recently came across a magazine article about a young couple, living in Austin, Texas, who had turned their "21st Century" two-story home, into a Mid-Century Modern Classic. And, and this was what was so hard for me to wrap my mind around...........they did it willingly.
What? How wonderfully odd. I can marvel at such an story, because I have spent the last 40 years living in a 1950's rambling ranch style home, a true Mid Century Marvel. The outside is adorned in glass blocks and skinny brick....everything is on one level.  I live in a cliche'.
When we moved here, there were plastic tiles in the bathrooms, shag carpeting and yellow appliances in the galley kitchen. The windows had big old ugly Venetian Blinds and the Formica kitchen counter top was avocado green. Red flocked (bet you haven't heard that word in 25 years) wallpaper covered the dining room walls. I couldn't wait to update the place.
Several years ago, I visited a museum, near here, that featured an "all electric home" from the 1950's. It was all done up for the holidays, complete with an aluminum Christmas Tree. And, except for the tree, I felt as if I had walked into my own home!
So, back to these young folks. They had furnished their home with turquoise plastic chairs, avocado accents and chrome. The stately columns that had graced the front of their newly built home had been replaced with straight iron rods. Their open concept home was then divided into smaller, individual rooms and carpet was laid on the wood floors.
I finished the article in dumbfounded amazement. Who knew? Perhaps, I can repaint my stainless appliances a nice yellow shade for a more "up to date" look.

Great God. You must think we are all pretty silly. We are never satisfied. Remind us of the important things in life. Show us how to be gentle and kind with one another.
We are truly blessed.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Good Advice

A couple of my favorite movies are "You've Got Mail" and "Sleepless in Seattle". I try to watch them, every time they are on TV. The late Nora Ephron was involved in the production of both. So, I just ran across a great quote from Ms Ephron. It's terrific. I think there is great wisdom here.

"I was just with someone complaining about his mother. He’s 70 and his mother is dead. I sat there thinking, This is unbelievable. He was complaining about things she did to him when he was a kid. There are also a lot of divorced people who, five years later, are still walking around angry when they should be grateful. They love being victims. You get to a certain point in life where if you were younger, you’d say, ‘Think about getting a shrink.’ Then you get older and want to say, ‘Pull up your socks. Get over it.’ ” —Nora Ephron (1941-2012)

So, let's start today. Just STOP IT. Quit complaining, whining and belly aching. Nothing is going to get better because you are talking about it. Life and the world changes one person at a time. Change your attitude. Live your life to the fullest. Move on.

Dear God. Slap some sense into us. We are blessed. We should be more grateful. Show us how to use our blessings, to be the best that we can be.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Nansense and her sister.

My much older sister and I share an rare talent.The two of us can sing a short song about most any subject you can mention. And, if we can't think of a song, about a particular subject, we can probably recite a "piece" of poetry, instead.
This skill amazes people, daily. As the years pass, I realize this crazy skill set is very unusual. I wish that I were standing in front of you, right now, so that you could test my ability.
However, talented as we are, I have always assumed that this talent of ours was completely useless. I mean, I have never made a cent from this skill, and I don't believe that my sister has either. It's just something we do. If knowing nonsense songs and poems had been a money-maker, we would both be multi-jillionairs!  There is simply no market for what we do.
Well today, I had an A-Ha Moment. Right after giving a spontaneous rendition of "Alice, Where are you going?", at a complete stranger's request, I realized my "talent" had countless worth. People are entertained and amused by such wacky talent. The woman who had requested the song, was thrilled. I could read her mind...."What kind of a kook would actually know the words to such a bizarre song?"
Every January, I always sing my "Kansas songs" medley for anyone who will listen. My sister probably does the same thing. Although, when she sings them in Southern California, it must seem odder than when I do it, in Missouri.
Just a couple of days ago, I recited A.A. Milne's "London Street", to a bedazzled and puzzled Londoner. I believe she said the experience was "rather quaint".
Yes, we sisters are a talented duo. We are priceless. You should hear us perform.

Gracious God. We are blessed. Give us the courage and fortitude to do your work. Help us to love all of your children, and to spread joy and happiness where we can.

Monday, February 27, 2017


Surprise me.
I love surprises.....surprise visits, surprise gifts, surprise announcements, surprise weather. Surprise, in my opinion, keeps us on our toes and makes life interesting. Surprise can be challenging, but, life can be pretty dull, without a surprise or two.
Not everyone feels the same way, however. I do realize that many people do not like being surprised, in any way shape or form. Routine is what some folks want. Routine loving people do not want to be challenged with change and surprises. Change can be very frightening for certain people. When we become distressed by change and surprises, it can cause a lot of stress.
Every day, at my workplace, I encounter both kinds of folks. Surprise happens to everyone and some of us can cope with it, while others cannot.

Which type of person are you?

Good and all powerful God; Our only constant in life is Your steadfast love. No matter what happens to us, you are always there. Strengthen our Faith. Calm our uneasiness.
We praise Your Holy Name.

Saturday, February 25, 2017


I am SHORT in stature. I have always wanted to be taller. Maybe just a couple of inches. Maybe tall enough to eliminate my ever present and ever needed foot stool. Maybe tall enough to have made it to the second row of a group photo.
Sometimes, I am SHORT with people. Being calmer, quieter and more understanding, should be my goal. I am too impatient. Remembering that the first one to finish life, isn't necessarily the winner, should be upmost on my mind..
Life is short. We all have family members and friends that have left us too soon. There were so many things we could have said and done, and now the opportunity is gone. We must remember that we have not been promised a tomorrow. Say those important things, now. Today.
Sometimes, we feel we get the SHORT end of the stick. Life just isn't fair. When we're down and feeling really put upon, it always helps to count our blessings. Everyone has something to be happy about...something for which we should be thankful.
The word SHORT is longer than the word LONG.  Life is always a surprise.

Dear Lord. We are your blessed children. Short or tall, we have your undivided attention.  Give us patience and courage.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Here is a rhetorical question for you. Why are we so critical?
So many folks want to voice their opinions about each and every thing. For some reason or other, these extremely vocal folks think that their opinions matter.  They think that the rest of us care what they think and say.
News alert!
We don't.
Why can't we keep our opinions to ourselves and realize that our critical words are hurtful?
I am making a vow right here......."I will attempt to curb any criticism that I may be tempted to level, on any unsuspecting victim."
Please, hold me to it.

Dear Lord. We should be sorry if the words we say hurt other people. We know that we are too critical. It is so easy to see the faults in others and to ignore our own. Forgive us.
Lord, help us to be kind to one another and to measure our words.

Sunday, February 12, 2017


I try to eat healthy. I really do. I watch my fat and sugar intake. I eat as many green and yellow vegetables as I possibly can. And, I don't eat as many starches and desserts as I would like to. I have never been called "slender", but, I can still get through an average door frame.
Sometimes, a girl just has to have a greasy burger and fries. Once in a while isn't all that bad. Right?
Well, last night I stopped by a local burger joint. I was by myself and feeling pretty guilty for not going home and eating left overs, which I usually do. Anyway, I waltzed right in and ordered the single combo.....burger, fries and a soda. Since that's the only thing on the menu besides doubling, tripling and quadrupling the burger size, my decisions were minimal.
I love this joint. Wood tables and mismatched chairs, plastic advertising on the wall, greasy food, and oldies tunes played on a video screen (jukeboxes aren't being made anymore, I guess). The place reminds me of life 50 years ago, in the town where I spent my formative years. When I go there, I always visualize the burger places of my youth. I think fondly about The White Grill, The Ottoway, Griff's and Ned's.
When my food was served, I had just heard the original "My Girl", and "Why Must I Be a Teenager in Love?" was just starting to play. I was fifteen again!
Another customer, at the counter, placed her order and I heard the clerk say, "That will be 1106".  Oh my, 1106 was the most famous and the greasiest burger joint in Pittsburg, Kansas. Coincidence? I don't think so.
Life is pretty special and full of great little pleasures......even if you have a tummy ache for the rest of the evening.

Dear Lord. You act in mysterious ways. We are not meant to understand You. We know that you love us and that you will be with us, always. Help us to keep Faith.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Returning to Normal

My husband fell and broke his leg, two weeks ago. It was a fairly serious break, as far as leg breaks go. For all of you  readers who don't remember your 8th grade anatomy lessons, there are 3 major bones in a human leg. Two smaller ones from the ankle to the knee and a larger one from knee to the torso.
Being the over achiever that he is, he, of course, broke the big bone.
Recovery will be long and difficult, but the prognosis is good. We have been promised that life will return to normal.
I have been eagerly awaiting a return to NORMAL.
But, today a wise woman shared with me the definition of NORMAL. The real normal, she said, was a setting on a washing machine!
She's right. What is normal? If it means going back to the way things were, before his fall, then I'm afraid I am going to be disappointed. Things just aren't going to be the same. Our life may be a whole lot better, or maybe a little worse. But, our life won't be the same. Things will be different.
We're going to experience a NEW normal. That's okay.
And, we are blessed.

We thank you for our blessings. Life is good. We are traveling a long road, full of smooth spots and rough passages.
We have your assurance that you are always with us on our journey.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


In these days of Twitter, tweets, texts and emails, we seem to be living in a world of perfect communication. But, beware. The written word, because it does not give us the nuances and emotion of the spoken word, can be terribly misleading.
We truly cannot write what we really mean.
For example, often, in our haste to comment, we press that convenient "Like" button upon reading a comment. Well, in the case of a tragic incident, we really don't mean that we "like" the comment, we mean that we appreciate being informed of the matter and we care. We really don't mean that we "like" that your spouse or parent passed away, or that you have just been in a car accident!
A terse response to a question, might be perceived as blase' and unfeeling, rather than the intended short and sweet. We often forget or don't take the time to write "please and thank you" in our notes to one another. We opt for short and it comes across as impolite and rude.
Sarcasm, because it is often delivered with a wink or a smile, cannot easily be conveyed in written communication.
Our favorite responses, such as "there you go" or "just saying", have no specific meaning, but because we pepper our oral language with such phrases and leave them out of our written messages, we don't write like we talk.
It's very easy to be misunderstood.

Dear God, we mean to do the right things. We strive to say the right thing, too. Help us to do your will and guide our words and minds. We are blessed in so many ways. Show us how to use our gifts and graces to glorify Your Name.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Fair to middling.

A new year. A new number, 2017.  It seems like only day before yesterday it was 2016.
Our lives are filled with numbers. Why do we find them so important?
Early in my life, I remember being very concerned about my age. I was always 6,7,8, or 9 and a half. The half was always added, immediately after my birthday.  I always wanted to be just another year older. I wanted desperately to add another number. Well, that desire ended a long time ago.
Then, being a really cool teenager and running with the "in" group, we all frequented 1106 (the address of the local grease burger joint). We listened to the top 10 hits, and we wanted our high school sports teams to all be number one. Oh, and my boyfriend was number 51, on the football squad.
As adults there have been W-2s and 1040s to fill out. And, 401 Ks, etc. etc.
Then, as seniors we watch our weight, our blood sugar numbers and we count calories. I know people who are obsessed with taking their blood pressure. They chart every number, every day.
Number, numbers at every stage of our lives.
On tombstones there are two sets of numbers......our birth date and the day of our death. In reality, the dates really have little significance.  It is,of course, what you do between those two numbers, that gives your life meaning. How you have influenced others and what kind of legacy you leave at your demise.
Between the numbers. Concentrate on what's between them.

Dear God. Help me to be a better person this year.