Thursday, June 1, 2017

Don't Get Mad, Get Even

Admit it. We all get really angry sometimes. And, sometimes that anger turns to vindictiveness. We are so mad, we want to get even.
Thankfully, most of us calm down and our anger resides, often to the point of forgiveness, or perhaps even forgetting. Revenge is not a good path for anyone to take.
However, sometimes the urge to "get even" takes over our good sense, and because we hold on to the slight or offense, when we should let it go, we manage to look pretty stupid when we get our revenge.
I had a friend, years ago, who insisted on buying herself something really expensive every time she felt slighted, abused or misused. I'm talking diamond rings, diamond bracelets and automobiles. I'm sure it wrecked havoc on her household budget. But, that's how she got her revenge.
At work, one resident told me that the "Exercise Lady" gave him exercises that hurt his rear end, so, he refused to go back. Well, I told him, that sure showed her, didn't it?
Then, there was the woman who went to her Weight Loss Group Meeting, only to realize that it had been cancelled. She immediately went out for a late breakfast of biscuits and gravy. (All of those carbs, couldn't have been on her diet.) Now, that's really showing her fellow group members!
Revenge or getting even, is a very risky business. ...and it never, ever is a good thing.

Kind and all-knowing Lord. Your life was one of forgiveness and understanding. Help us to be more like You. Teach us to live your Word. Show us how to love one another, unconditionally, as You love us.

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