Monday, October 13, 2008

Southwest District

In my UMW travels, I have been blessed to attend many Fall District Meetings. This past Saturday, Scott and I drove down to Lamar, in the Southwest District. It was a beautiful drive, sunny and clear.
We were welcomed by the UMW members at the Lamar UMC, which has to be one of the very best church facilities in the entire state. The breakfast spread was outstanding (who said UMW meals are a thing of the past?).
Donna Ford presided in fine fashion, at the business meeting. And, after she congratulated Janet Fairbrother for being the SW District Woman of the Year in Mission, she told about one unit who had nominated all (5) of their nonarian (that's my word for 90 year olds) members for the Award.
Thinking this was a terrific idea, Donna and her Mission Team decided to present a "Well done, good and faithful servant Award" to all of the United Methodist Women in their District, who were 90 or more years young.
Lo and behold there were more than 40 names submitted. Donna made certificates and we presented them at the meeting. It was a heart warming event.
My concluding comment is WAKE UP UNITED METHODISTS, from our Bishop to our Church Custodians. It's great to celebrate our youth. After all they are our FUTURE. BUT, for Heaven's Sake, let us never forget our Older Folk. WE owe them so much. They have nurtured us, and mentored us, and loved us into who we are as a Church today.
Let's celebrate ALL of our Members.

Friday, October 3, 2008


Yesterday, I was on a Mission. I set out to find a home for the 100 plus cloth diapers and 20 totebags that were given to me last weekend at our UMW Annual Meeting. As I was packing up to leave Springfield, a woman approached me and asked if I would take her Unit's items to Kansas City. Of course, I replied. Only later did I realize that my ready answer would cause a bit of an issue. I forgot to ask her where I was supposed to deliver them.
I drive a Volkswagon Bug, already packed with three women and their luggage. When I saw the stack of items piled by my teenie weenie car, I thought I was in trouble. However, we managed to squeeze everything in.....people, luggage, posters, diapers and totes and return home to KC.
I had to be in Liberty, yesterday, so I dropped in at the North Star UMC. They were nice but knew nothing about where to deposit my cargo. I asked if they had a list for Festival of Sharing items (thinking that at least I might determine who wanted my treasure) and they told me that they didn't "do" the festival.
Next, I headed to the First UMC of Liberty. Their Mission Coordinator helped me locate a drop off for the Festival Of Giving. But, he didn't have a list of their needed items. It seems that their youth used to "do" the Festival, but they aren't participating this year.
I then called Broadway UMC, a Festival Drop Off Point. I left a message on their machine.
Then I called FUMC North Kansas City and talked to Kate McClaine. She said that she thought
Broadway would only accept items on one day, very close to the Festival date.
Next, I called Joyce Holley. Left another message. Then, I called the conference office of Creative Ministries. Left another message.
By now, I decided to go home, unload my car and wait for an answer from someone who could help me. The Conference Office returned my call and suggested that I call Broadway UMC. (Picture the liturgical circles here?)
Skip ahead to this morning. Joyce Holley returned my call and we have plans to meet at her office on Monday at noon, to exchange the "goods".
At last an answer to my prayers. The diapers and totes, made lovingly by the ladies at Anderson, MO, will be delivered and used by those in need.