Wednesday, January 18, 2017


In these days of Twitter, tweets, texts and emails, we seem to be living in a world of perfect communication. But, beware. The written word, because it does not give us the nuances and emotion of the spoken word, can be terribly misleading.
We truly cannot write what we really mean.
For example, often, in our haste to comment, we press that convenient "Like" button upon reading a comment. Well, in the case of a tragic incident, we really don't mean that we "like" the comment, we mean that we appreciate being informed of the matter and we care. We really don't mean that we "like" that your spouse or parent passed away, or that you have just been in a car accident!
A terse response to a question, might be perceived as blase' and unfeeling, rather than the intended short and sweet. We often forget or don't take the time to write "please and thank you" in our notes to one another. We opt for short and it comes across as impolite and rude.
Sarcasm, because it is often delivered with a wink or a smile, cannot easily be conveyed in written communication.
Our favorite responses, such as "there you go" or "just saying", have no specific meaning, but because we pepper our oral language with such phrases and leave them out of our written messages, we don't write like we talk.
It's very easy to be misunderstood.

Dear God, we mean to do the right things. We strive to say the right thing, too. Help us to do your will and guide our words and minds. We are blessed in so many ways. Show us how to use our gifts and graces to glorify Your Name.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Fair to middling.

A new year. A new number, 2017.  It seems like only day before yesterday it was 2016.
Our lives are filled with numbers. Why do we find them so important?
Early in my life, I remember being very concerned about my age. I was always 6,7,8, or 9 and a half. The half was always added, immediately after my birthday.  I always wanted to be just another year older. I wanted desperately to add another number. Well, that desire ended a long time ago.
Then, being a really cool teenager and running with the "in" group, we all frequented 1106 (the address of the local grease burger joint). We listened to the top 10 hits, and we wanted our high school sports teams to all be number one. Oh, and my boyfriend was number 51, on the football squad.
As adults there have been W-2s and 1040s to fill out. And, 401 Ks, etc. etc.
Then, as seniors we watch our weight, our blood sugar numbers and we count calories. I know people who are obsessed with taking their blood pressure. They chart every number, every day.
Number, numbers at every stage of our lives.
On tombstones there are two sets of numbers......our birth date and the day of our death. In reality, the dates really have little significance.  It is,of course, what you do between those two numbers, that gives your life meaning. How you have influenced others and what kind of legacy you leave at your demise.
Between the numbers. Concentrate on what's between them.

Dear God. Help me to be a better person this year.