Saturday, February 27, 2010

When I'm SMK

In 1963, I fell in love with Paul McCartney. He wasn't "Sir Paul" back then. He was a famous young man appearing on my parents 21' RCA Victor console, and I was a 16 year old girl screeching at his image.
In 1964, I fell in love with Scott Kincaid. He wasn't on my TV screen, he was in my geometry class in high school. Regardless of his lack of celebrity, he made my heart flutter.
Now, 45 years later, my husband and I are living the Beatles' lyrics, "When I'm Sixty Four". It is actually "many years from now". And yes, we are still sending each other Valentines, having birthday parties and an occasional bottle of wine. Grandchildren "Vera, Chuck and Dave" have appeared in the form of Nina, Alex and Sophia, plus a couple more. Over the years, we have had to "scrimp and save".
Much has been written about young love. It is fresh, hot and romantic. Everything is new and exciting. Growing old together is the furthest thing from young lovers' minds.
We have attended several weddings lately. As I sit there watching the young brides, I hope and pray that their unions will be as firm and lasting as mine. Realistically, I have become skeptical. Most of our young relatives have changed relationships so often that I no longer enter their names and addresses permanently, in ink, in my address book. I write them in pencil.
These days "mine forever more" doesn't seem to mean much. Mine until someone better comes along, or mine until the going gets too tough, seems to ring truer.
There is a statue on the Country Club Plaza on another "Sir", Sir Winston Churchill and his wife, that is called "Married Love". It depicts the old guy and his equally mature spouse. You can tell they've been through a lot. When you look at her you get the feeling that she has probably "knit a sweater (or two) by the fireside" and we know he led Great Britain, through WW II. But, they certainly appear to be content and comfortable, sitting there side by side.
Mature love is like a soft old sweatshirt. It's comfortable and wearable. Couples that stay together while surviving childbirth, Little League, teenage angst, and ever widening waist lines, deserve our admiration. So when my "lights have gone", I'm going to count on my spouse of 44 years to "mend my fuse". Yes, I'll "still need" you. Yes, I'll "still feed" you, when you're sixty-four.
Happy 64th Birthday,sweetheart.

Monday, February 22, 2010

"Oh the weather outside is frightful...."

Well, not really. Last night it certainly was. Yesterday morning it was. But, now the sun is making the ice and snow glisten. PTL.
I am up to my chin in Prayer Shawls and baby blankets. Women's Division is planning a huge display of these handcrafted items at the April Assembly in St. Louis. The powers that be (Women's Division, in NYC) want me to locate places to distribute the amassed articles in Missouri. I'm creating a list. Could be that there will be up to 10,000 items.Let me know if I can add your non-profit or Church to the list.
A couple of years ago, when I was in the throws of chemotherapy and couldn't hold my head up off the couch, I received several prayer shawls. My friend, 'nother Nancy, sent me one. I received a beautiful pink one, and the ladies at Liberty UMC, gave me a handcrafted quilt. Each one is a treasure. The prayers and love sent to me, through those items, were a big factor in my recovery.
At our last church home, there were several of us who regularly hand knitted or crocheted shawls for the congregation's needs. If you have the skills, it's a blessing to be a part of a Prayer Shawl Ministry.
We never know how we will touch others. Prayer is powerful and God is good.

Monday, February 15, 2010

"Blessed be the name...."

Scott and I have a new grandson. His given name, Leo, was kept a secret until his birth last Wednesday. I have never known anyone named Leo, but I think it is just the greatest guy name ever.
What is a name anyway? In biblical times, your name was more than what you were called. It was your word, your being, your soul, your truth. That's why when you envoked a curse in God's name, it was a sin.
I don't imagine that we think about the importance of names these days. I mean, Nancy is a pretty lame moniker, but my much older sister, a first grader when I was born, wanted to name me Jane, for goodness sake. Both of those names just smack of the nineteen forties!
Well, believe me when I tell you that I run across the strangest names when I call the roll at school. In the last month I have had a "Jza" and a "Pashantz" (Pronounced Ja sha, and Patience). I think their parents were just thinking unusual.......not profoundness, don't you? Then just last week I heard of a "I'munique". (would I blog a lie???? For Real.)
All knowing Lord. You know each of us by our given name. We know that we are all are unique in your eyes. We are all your children. You believe in our abilities. Help us to do honor to our names by our actions and thoughts. We ask these things in the name of Jesus.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"In the Spring there is a flower....."

Shirley Warner died yesterday. She was a vibrant and faithful servant of the Lord.
As Conference UMW Vice President, during the earliest years of the Missouri Conference, Shirley created memorable Annual Meetings in Columbia, Kansas City, St. Louis, and Springfield. Her sudden death is so shocking, to those of us her knew her, because she was always such a aware and put-together lady. No one could describe Shirley as anything other than a LADY. We are going to miss our friend.
And, winter continues in Kansas City. More snow.....but there is sunshine and a hint of warmer days to come.
Thank you God, for the seasons. Thank you for the gift of friendship. It is sad when a friend dies, but it would be sadder yet to have missed that friendship altogether.
We are blessed for having known Shirley.

Monday, February 1, 2010

PTL and other musings

Scott and I attended yet another UMC on Sunday. Eleven o'clock worship at Platte Woods is the best "Blended Service" we have attended. Their music includes a small back-up band, an organist and a traditional choir with director and piano accompaniment. They presented several styles of music for the congregation to sing, including a praise number and 2 traditional hymns. We enjoyed the music very much. The sermon theme was on outreach to others who might possibly be seeking a Christian Home at Platte Woods. Could that be us?
Today, we were visited by Brent Worley and given a welcome bag from the Church. Fast response. I think that is Radical Hospitality, a la Schnase.
Saturday, the Singing Sewer Man took me to a sing-along for Kansas Arts in Prison. I had a terrific time singing along with about 250 other folk including, the East Hill Singers from Lansing Prison. Mostly we sang traditional choral arrangements of well-known choral pieces. However, the directors threw in a couple of old-time hymns, which were sung straight from the heart by all of the singers.
Surely, voices raised in Praise to the Lord, brings a smile to God's face.