Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Et tu, Milano.

You CAN teach an old dog new tricks. This puppy has just recently learned how to "PUNCH" her very first Time Clock and I've also learned to electronically approve my very own time card.
Now, every morning, when I show up at a school, I sign in on paper (my duty for the past 20 years or so) and then find the school's Time Clock. These Time Clocks are at least "3 G" or maybe even "4 G". Very Hi Tech. We were all required to take a class on how to work the clock properly.
First, I key in my secret code. Then I insert my right index finger into the machine and it reads my fingerprint. Only then can I go to work. The same process is repeated as I leave the building.
When the machine registers my fingerprint, it gives me a score. I am assuming that a perfect score is 100, although my highest has been only 82. That must be passing? I've failed only once, so far, and when that happens the clock instructs you to insert your left index finger.
The time card approval is another process. Since we are just in the third week of school, for the 2010-2011 school year, I've only done it twice. It's harder to explain and I'm not sure I actually know what I'm doing or if I could do it again.

What's the point of this recital? Well, I'm a grandma and I'm still learning new things. I may be a little fuzzy, right now, on the process, but I'm willing to learn. Isn't that great!

Gracious God, Thank you for giving me new challenges. Each new obstacle and new experience makes me grow. It's your version of tough love. Yes, I can do it. But it takes your help and guidance. Lead me Lord. Show me YOUR way.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"You say neether and I say niither."

Controversy seems to have taken over the media. Are you, or are you not, in favor of a Mosque at Ground Zero? How do you feel about the new proposed skyscraper
(eight stories IS a skyscraper in Kansas City)on the Country Club Plaza? Should the Chiefs axe yet another losing coach? How about that Athletic Director Perkins at KU? Should he be fired? Should Fred Phelps be allowed to picket funerals of our Service Men and Women?
I have opinions on all of these subjects. I think I am a pretty passionate individual and I like to voice my opinion. God gave each of us a mind and free will, and like John Wesley, I think reason should play a part in creating our beliefs and making our decisions.
I do not believe in being luke warm.
Do I stick my foot in my mouth? Well, yes I sometimes do. Do I often sound like an idiot? Yep, that happens, too. Are there times when I need to do a bit more research on a subject, before I spout off? You betcha. Am I always right? Well, not all the time.
But, nobody can say I don't care.

Hey, God. Things are a mess down here. We can't seem to get much of anything right.
We need your help. Please, bring a sense of calm and reason to our chaotic lives.
Allow us to find common ground and bring us to a peaceable kingdom. Help us to love and respect one another.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"Call Me MISTER Tibbs"

Are you a professional? Well, I've had a few experiences lately that have made me wonder about the quality of workers in this nation of ours.
What ever happened to pride in personal appearance? I see teachers and other professionals in tee shirts and ragged jeans, or pants that REALLY need hemming. Now,I know that a teacher doesn't make much money, but I do know that needles and thread are pretty darn(get it????)cheap.
Oh, and has Walmart stopped selling irons and mirrors? The wrinkled look may be in, but I sleep in less wrinkled clothes than what I'm seeing in the classroom these days. Do you teachers have to look like you just woke up, crawled to your car and drove to school?
Come on American Educators. The youth of today deserve better role models than what we are giving them. Casual doesn't mean crummy and dirty. No wonder "respect" is an issue in today's schools.
I expect students to call me, Mrs Kincaid. I am a professional and I always show up looking like one. And, you know what, I get respect.

Powerful God...You cared enough about us to send your very best. We should do our best with what you have given us. Pride in who we are, is not a bad thing. Be with us as we go about our daily lives. Help us to do our best in all that we do.

To read more of my rantings, this week, visit the www.kansascity.com website on Saturday August 21, for my article on the OPED page. Midwest Voices.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"Just Call Out My Name...."

I saw Carole King and James Taylor, in concert, the other night on TV. Have they had a history together or what? Singing and playing with each other for several decades. Well, when they sang "You've Got A Friend", it brought tears to my eyes.
I am also blessed with some truly wonderful friends. In fact, they are a significant part of my life. I would be lost without them. My Faith sustains me, but my friends give me purpose.
Scott and I have lived all of our adult lives away from our families. Friends have been there for us, whatever the circumstances, when family has not been able to be with us in person.
I'm certainly not the best kind of friend. I don't send many "Get Well" and Birthday Cards. I don't get to the hospital very often to see people. Frankly, I'm a pretty rotten friend. But, to those people who still love and like me, in spite of my short (no jokes here, tall people) comings, I thank you.

Listen God. You have blessed me with some pretty awesome friends. I would not be who I am today without the people you have led into my life. Thank you so much for allowing your good people to influence and guide me.
Help me and guide me to be a better friend. Amen.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"It's too darn hot"

What can I say about the weather in Missouri? It's hot. It's really hot, and we are in the middle of a heat wave. My deck plants are fried. One of my little dwarf potted pines is bright orange.....cooked to the roots. Our lawn has turned a drab, bi-colored, shade of yellow-brown. It's August, and it's 100 degrees and rising.
One of my favorite pastimes, in the summer months, is complaining about the weather.
Actually, I can complain about the weather any time of year, but I excel at summer griping.
I whine about my deodorant failing and my underpants stinking to my rear end. I gripe about sweat dripping from my brow and my glasses fogging up from the humidity. I have all of the usual hot weather complaints down to an exact science.
But, does all of my whining do any good? Of course not. Middle son, tired of hearing my complaints, once told me...."Mom, you have a car. You could leave."
I guess I could, but where's the fun in that?

All knowing God. I hope you know that our complaining is superficial. We're not ungrateful, we are just natural whiners. We have it so good. It's hot but we have air-conditioned homes and cars. It's dry, but we have running water. We are blessed with so many of your gifts.
Thanks a bunch, God. We really love our lives.