Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What is it?

Every month, on the back cover of the "Missouri Conservationist Magazine", there is a mystery photo. The caption reads, "What is it?" And,it's usually a creature part...blown up so you can't easily recognize it. Last issue it was a spot on a butterfly. This issue it was the tip of a box turtle's foot.
My question to you this week is, "What is it....that makes you a Christian?"
Is it going to church every Sunday and sitting(God forbid we would change) in the same pew each week? Is it reading Scripture? Is it teaching Sunday School or working in the nursery? Is it showing up to clean the kitchen...after the youth mess it up?
Is it making Jello Salad and yet another green bean casserole for the latest funeral dinner?
Read my list and think about it for a few minutes.
And, now let's make the question a little more difficult. I suggest you avoid the outward signs, like those activities listed above, and turn inward. What is it, inside your being, that makes you a Christian?
I am reminded of a statement that I heard once....."If you were on trial for being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you?"

Good God. We say that we are your followers, but who are we really following? Open our eyes that we may truly see who and what it is that leads us. Let us see the Glory in your kingdom. Only then will we be convicted.

(Every Missourian really should subscribe to the "Missouri Conservationist Magazine". It's available by signing up on line...and it's free. Go to www.missouriconservation.org and fill in the blanks.)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Blow your Horn

By now, we've all heard that strange humming sound coming out of our televisions, during the coverage of the World Cup. I'm beginning to like those VUVUZELAS. The droning noise of those horns is constant and not nearly as rude as what I used to yell at various Northtown games. You all should know that the North Kansas City High School Athletic Director awarded me a School Letter when our last kid finished his athletic career. 4 Kids, nearly 20 years, numerous contests, and one enthusiastic mom. His sly smile betrayed his mood when he said, "Here's your letter, Mrs. Kincaid. We've never given one to a mom before!" What he really meant was,"Now don't darken our fields again!"

But, what's wrong with tooting your horn? Why aren't you telling the world what you can do? To quote one of my video heroes, Little Neddy Nederlander, "What is it that you are really good at?" (Well, obviously his skill wasn't grammar.)

By golly, if you haven't had to write a personal resume or a biography lately, you ought to sit down and do it right away. After you state who you are and where you currently reside, you are faced with writing about your work history and talents.
Everyone is good at something. Go on, brag a little.

You may be the best John Deere jockey in your neighborhood. Did your kids all graduate from college and haven't spent time in correctional facilities? Good for you! Can you can fry an egg without breaking the yolk? Do you get up every morning with a smile? Wow. You're a success. We've all done something worth tooting our own VUVUZELA about.

WOO HOO God. You don't make junk. You rejoice in our successes and love us when we fail. Keep us on the right path that leads to life everlasting. You are our rock and our shield.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Can you speak English??????

If you went to,or followed the news from Assembly 2010, you know of the involvement of United Methodist Women in Immigration Issues. Now, I don't want to go into the problems of illegal immigration.Personally, I feel that illegal is illegal.
What I want to write about today is ELL. Teaching English to immigrants who want to learn English in order to become productive CITIZENS of this country.
My grandparents came to this country speaking NO ENGLISH, only German. My grandfather worked hard as a factory laborer, learned English, became a citizen and raised a family with my grandmother. My grandmother never learned to read or write in any language, even though she lived to be over 100.
If she had settled in Kansas City, Missouri, she could have attended English classes at Della Lamb and learned to read and write. Even in 1917!!!!My Gram's long life would have been enhanced by education!
Why am I writing this? Well, state funding for Della Lamb's ELL has been axed. Zap. Gone. Kaput. Nada.
But, we are not crying over what we don't have. We want volunteers, with teaching experience to come forward and keep this great program going.
Contact Judy Akers at Della Lamb.org and offer your services.

O God. We live in a very special country. We love and celebrate our heritage here and we appreciate our diversity. We know that you love us and want us to work for the benefit all of your children.
Give us the strenght to accept the challenges that we face.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A rose by any other name....

Well, I thought I was pretty clever using the title, "Nancy's Notes" for this blog. Wrong! Besides the fact that the other, more famous Northlander, Nancy Kincaid, has a newsletter by that name, there is even a book by that title (yet another Nancy Kincaid is the author). For all I know, there is probably an obscene novel out there with the same title! I had to make the change. What if I ever became the really famous Nancy Kincaid. How would anyone keep us all straight? What about the royalties?

To steal a line from my all time favorite flick,"The Three Amigos", I actually like to think of myself as the INFAMOUS Nancy K. Kincaid. That's MORE than famous, for those of you who may not have memorized the dialogue from that classic movie.

So, this blog is now titled "Nancy Writes". Not an alliteration, but certainly descriptive. My friend Sue has a notebook in which she keeps copies of my essays. Besides being a good friend, she encourages me to keep writing. She's a fan.

God is like that. We are all worthy in His sight. He appreciates our talents and He loves me whether I am famous or infamous.

Lord God. Life takes many turns. We have our ups and downs. Whatever happens in our lives, we should know that YOU will be there for us. YOU will never abandon us.
Help us to see the wisdom in YOUR guidance. Watch over us.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

"Put on your high-heeled sneakers....

...cause we're going out tonight." Old doesn't mean what it used to, people. When you hear that 60 is the new forty, you better believe it! My dear buddy and traveling companion celebrated her 90th birthday on Sunday, and she's lookin' good and feelin' good, too! People kept remarking that she must have miscounted, because Dortha Mae Olsen looks 80...not ninety!
Some people do look their age, but won't admit to the real numbers. We saw the movie "Letters to Juliet" this weekend, and Vanessa Redgrave's character is supposed to be 65. Bless her heart, she looks a lot older than that. My "much older sister" is pushing 69 and she looks 20 years younger than Vanessa! Now, Franco Nero on the other hand, he'd look good at any age!
But any age is a good thing. I'd like to quote the venerable, Joann Collins who remarked on Sunday,that "it sure is better to be seen than viewed." Amen, sister.

Great and gracious God. Give us wisdom in our aging. Help us to be accepting of the abilities and infirmities of our aging. Give us a youthful spirit. Amen.