Thursday, March 21, 2013

"Trust and Obey, for there's no other way....."

Today, I totally exhibited the behavior of a seventh grader. Yes-siree. I was right back there at Lakeside Junior High School, thirteen years old, and unable to keep my eyes from staring out of the big glass windows overlooking Adams Street.  I was fascinated by the rapidly falling snow. It was as if I were eagerly awaiting the announcement of one of those blessed snow days. Maybe there would be no school for the rest of today...and maybe no school tomorrow!
The truth of the situation was, of course, I was wondering how bad the snow-snarled traffic was going to get, before I could head home from my job. How many fender benders would I have to avoid? I was thinking about the hills, the bridges, the overpasses and the crazy drivers. I was wondering whether my usual 25 minute drive would be stretched into several hours.
Luckily, the streets were just wet and not icy for my commute home. I cruised home at the usual pace, 27 minutes, door to door. No delays.
But, I can't get over how anxious I actually was. Never once did I stop to "consider the lillies of the field." Oh, Me of Little Faith.

Good and gracious God. When will I ever learn? I am so old and yet I haven't matured enough to trust in you, completely. Forgive me. Continue to watch over me, even when I think and do really stupid things. You are so wise. You deserve my total trust.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

What do you think?

I would list my number one character fault as being quick on the trigger with judgemental thoughts. Jumping to conclusions are an unfortunate part of my being. And, you know what? It turns out that I am very often wrong.
Someone once said, " Snap judgements are liable to come unfastened.", and they were right.
I have just finished the novel, "The Paris Wife." It's the tale of Ernest Hemingway, his first wife and their short life together. The story takes place in Paris (duh) shortly after World War I. It's fiction, but I am sure there were diaries, first hand accounts and historical facts to back up the author's account.
Now, it shouldn't surprise you that Hemingway comes off looking like a jerk, in this novel. If you know anything about Hemingway, you have read that his life was a total mess....before and after the period of  "The Paris Wife". Alcohol, womanizing, 3 or four wives, drugs and eventual suicide.
However, because I have learned that maybe I need a few more concrete facts in order to pass judgement, I have decided to read "A Moveable Feast", which is Hemingway's personal account of the same time period.
But maybe, just maybe, I should stop passing judgement altogether and just enjoy a good book.

Holy Lord. We know that only YOU have the right to judge us. Keep us on the straight and narrow. Lead us in the decisions that please you. Guide us toward the life that leads to your Kingdom.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Show Me State

I sincerely believe that we all have our "gifts and graces". Each one of us is truly good at something. That noted, I would like to add that every one of us has things that we cannot or should not do. It is a blessing to know the difference.
Last week, I was downtown waiting for a friend. As I sat, I observed a woman attempting to parallel park her car. Parallel parking is a practiced skill, and if you have a valid driver's license, you are supposed to have learned how to do it.
With empathy (I have been known to circle a city block two or three times looking for a spot where I won't have to parallel park), I watched this woman. First, she tried backing into the space. Unable to park that way, she tried going forward and pulling into the space. Then she tried backing in, again. She gave it three more tries before she finally gave up and drove off.
So what makes this so unusual, you querry? The woman was driving a Smart Car. Those cars are made for small spaces. You can park them on the sidewalk, for Pete's sake. OMGolly. Those tiny vehicles have no front or rear end.

You could say that she was too dumb to park a Smart Car.

Oh God. Be our teacher and help us in all of our endeavors. But, help us to learn our limitations. Keep us ever mindful that we are not all-knowing and all-powerful. Only You can do all things. We praise you name.