Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Oh Mister Sun, Sun, Mister Golden Sun.....

What a joy it is to live in Missouri, folks! Last week fifty degrees and jacket weather. Today, the temperature is in the 90s. Good thing that we are in the last days of the 2009-2010 School Year. If the shorts on the middle school girls get any shorter, we are going to have to rename that article of clothing!
Students finish up on Friday, the 28th. Grades had to be turned in last Friday.....and the kids all know it. There is no reason for them to behave, no reason to do any work, no reason to even show up. And, can you believe it, more than a few of the teachers are exhibiting the same negative attitude. Why else would I, a lowly substitute, be working clear through to Friday?
Whatever happened to a good work ethic? Say, whatever happened to ethics in general?
Whatever happened to the Cub Scout motto....Do Your Best?
It seems we have to have a tangible and or monetary reason these days to perform and achieve. A "what's in it for me" attitude. So, from now until Friday afternoon, there will be a scant few of us out there doing our jobs so that the youngsters in our schools just might learn something. Maybe the kids will learn that a few of us teachers still operate under the Hallmark motto. (BTW, does Hallmark still have a motto?)

God, we are trying to do what you want us to do. We know that you have sent us your very best.But, sometimes it is so hard to do the right thing. Help us to remember that nothing that we could ever suffer compares to what you gave for us.
We are so very grateful.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Red and Yellow, Black and White....

Are you intentional? Well, if you're a United Methodist you are supposed to be. Have you ever heard of the Charter for Racial Justice? It is, of course, an official document of Church Policy. So, if you don't know what I'm talking about when I mention the Charter for Racial Justice, write me a note and I'll send you a brochure. Ignorance is not bliss!
Ms. Mai Gray helped to draft the Charter and although we all mourn the recent loss of Mai, her life's work will continue. The United Methodist Women in Missouri are known all over this country for their Intentional Inclusiveness on the issues of race, age, gender, and ability.
I would like to salute Becky Curry, a MO UMW, for her intentional inclusiveness in breaking a very visible barrier. Hats off to Becky.

God of many colors. Open our hearts and our minds so that we might see beyond skin color, wrinkles, saggy pants, and wheelchairs. We are all precious in your sight. Amen

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Young uns.....

I was recently reminded of my role, as a young mother attending my first United Methodist Women's Events. For the most part, I always felt welcome and the more experienced women were most generally friendly and thrilled that a new generation was interested in Mission. There were times, however, when this young thing was put in her place. Those infamous words of Christian involvement rose up to smack me in the face. "We have always done it that way", can drive away a new recruit faster than a bull whip, ladies!
Words like, "Our funeral dinners always have ham, potato casserole, green beans, and jello salad. (Never mind that people just don't eat like that, anymore.) And, "Jane has been our Treasurer for 25 years.(Have you ever asked anyone else???)
My six foot friend was once told to stand on a stool to stir the gravy at the church stove. Being six feet tall, she didn't need a stool. But, my friend did as her she was told, because her five foot mentor said, "We've always done it that way."
Ladies, change is growth. Get out of your ruts, and embrace the young, and realize there may be more than one way of accomplishing a task.

Gracious God, please show me the way. Help me to realize that I can use some help and that the old ways aren't always the best. I know that you are always with me. Your goodness is my rock.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Done Pulled

I am home from Assembly. I have a new appreciation for the word "Volunteer". Having spent the better part of 4 days registering the 6800 attendees at the 2010 Assembly, I can appreciate the meaning of words like patience, kindness, steadfastness, and yes....,more patience. We women can be a trying bunch to deal with, and yes there were some glitches, but goodness gracious, I had a whale of a good time!
Just seeing old friends like Kathleen, Edie Sunday, and so many others, was great fun. Meeting new people like K.C., Brenda, and Linda Douglas, made the journey worth while.
The women volunteers (and Dennis Young)of the Missouri Conference were outstanding. Paula,Sally and Shari and on and on. WOW. Bishop Schnase made us proud, and the Della Lamb Children's Choir was terrific. The Plenaries were all first class. Yvette was a great MC on Saturday night. Seeing Mrs. May Gray on the stage was inspiring(she remains in our prayers). The Meditation Room was so holy. I could go on and on.
Girls....we pulled up those big girl panties and we dealt with it...Didn't We!

Good God.Some of us were doubting our ability to pull this one off. I don't know why? Because you were there for us. You are always there for us. We are so thankful for the opportunity to serve as a volunteer for you and Mission.