Monday, July 30, 2012

Imelda Marcos and Me

I went on the Internet a couple of months ago, looking for a nice pair of comfortable sandals. My goal was to see what I could find that was fashionable and check a few prices, etc. I was, sort of, window shopping. Shopping, in person, takes time, and using the Internet seemed smart.
Not! I made a big mistake. My inbox is now consistently filled with SHOE ADS. Sometimes, I get on line and I'll find 10-12 ads for shoes in my email inbox. I bought the new sandals, weeks ago, here in the city!
"Scooter" and Viagra ads, used to annoy me, but I never, ever had dozens of those at one time.
What do you do when things like this happen? Grin and bear it, I guess. And, learn a lesson. Don't window shop on the Internet.

Dear Lord: Why are we always looking for the easy short cut? How long will it take us to learn that the best way is often the longest and the hardest?
Guide us on the right path, all-knowing Father. Grant us patience to get it right the first time. We thank you for your steadfast love.

Friday, July 6, 2012

A rose is a rose is a rose........Maybe???

Many of us go to a church named for a Venerated Saint or an important person. Everyone has heard of St. Paul's and St. Peter's, for example. But, of course there at a lot of St. Mark's and St. Andrew's, too.
Some of  us attend a church named for it's location. There is the Grandview United Methodist Church....located in Grandview, MO, and Terrace Lake, located in the Terrace Lake Subdivision.
Other churches are numbered. In Kansas City, there is a Second Presbyterian Church. Obviously, it was the second Presbyterian Church in town. I think I've seen a Fourth Baptist Church, somewhere, and we all know of many "First" churches.

All of that noted, please read the following two lists: #1. Elevation, The Connection, The Gathering, Renaissance, Resurrection, Revolution. #2. Revolution, Propulsion, The Wall, Genesis, Force, The Power.
The words on one of those lists are actual sports teams (I got them on the Internet.). The other list (off the Internet, again) contains names of new "Start-up" Churches. 

What's my point? I'm not sure. Are names that important to church attendance? Will  folks be more likely to join "Wellspring" or "The First Baptist Church"? Do I want to belong to a sports team or testify to my Faith?

Lord: You must get such a kick out of your family. We sure are a funny bunch. You know (and we should, too) that it's the folks inside our churches that draw new believers to You.  Help us to be enthusiastic and lively Christians. Your Word is a three-pointer! Our Faith needs to be a touch-down! Your Grace and Mercy should be our Goal! Your steadfast love is a home run.