Tuesday, October 26, 2010

" And The Word was Made Life"

This week's sermon was entitled " The Conversion", but up on the requisite (today's society can read, but their hearing is questionable) three video screens was the word "Conversation". Someone had messed up, big time.

The pastor's message was a fine example of touching on tithing (it's that time of year, you know) as the final conversion in a Christian's life. By the way, our current pastor does a great job of delivery and his theology, in my opinion, is right on.

But, one word posted ( center, left and right, in giant letters) throughout the sermon, and another word in the preaching, was confusing. What's was the right word. Was it conversion or conversation?

Here is what I concluded. (Take note of my alliteration skill.) The two common words are not contradictory. They complement each other. As we grow in our Christian life, we choose to hold many conversations with God. We question, we praise, we accept, and we pray. All of these conversations contribute to our personal conversions.

Dear God: Call us into your community of Christ. We are in continual awe of your power and might.
Allow us to cling to you, O Lord, as we constantly struggle through our daily living. You are our salvation and our strength.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Once Upon a Time.......

Our oldest son came back to Kansas City for his 20th High School Reunion, this past weekend. He was nervous about reuniting with old friends that he hadn't seen, face to face, in 20 years. And,just like mom and dad told him he would, he had a really great time.
Reunions are an interesting concept. We all know that we can't go back 20,30 or even 50 years, to the time when we were young and relatively unblemished by the trials of everyday life. And truthfully, most of us really wouldn't want to revisit that yesteryear. (Just try to name ten truly happy teenagers!) However, we continue to go back to high schools or hometowns, on occassion, perhaps hoping to catch a glimpse of our youth, of the "good old days". But, fun as they are, reunions are over after a day or two, and we must return to the present.

Ageless God. We thank you for the ups and downs of life. We thank you for the experiences, good and bad that have made us what we have become. Because God, you are good and you have been there with us always. You are our constant throughout all of our years. You have blessed us with the past AND the present.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"Yes, indeed"

Well, are there any of you out there who still remember Fats? "I'm talkin'", about Fats Domino. You know,the "I found my thrill, on Blueberry Hill" guy. He's the singer that Chubby Checker was mocking when he created his stage name. So, it's just like old Fats Domino sang, "I'm walkin', yes indeed, and I'm talking, yes indeed".
Our preacher, Wally, asked us to "walk across the room" and start talking to others about our personal Christian story. I told him that, frankly, the Christians I know often have trouble just changing pews.....let alone walking all the way across the room. It's way too much of a journey. It's just too far to go.
But, my journey or my faith story, is exactly what this blog is. Every week, I write about what I believe and what I think that God is telling me to write about.
Not a day goes by without someone I know telling me their opinion about the state of the economy or what they think of Obama or the Tea Party. Some complete stranger will spout off about Fred Phelps or abortion or "don't ask don't tell", but for some reason, only the real "crazies" will talk about religion or faith.
Scott wrote an email last week telling someone about the scriptures he reads daily, and one of our children called wondering if Dad was getting spiritual advice from some crazy Bible stuff, like from Job or something. Excuse me. Why can't we express our faith without being accused of being looney?
Scott reads scripture. I quote Wesley. It's who we are. We're walking across the room, friends.

Hey, Jesus. You love us and you want us to be faithful. We do it in a lot of different ways. Help us to be true to you always. Lead us in this journey of life.
We are your servants.

Monday, October 4, 2010

"A white sport coat and a ............."

All of the fountains in Kansas City (we are the City of Fountains, you know) are spouting pink water this month. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
I know this is going to sound odd, but believe me, those of us who have been touched by Breast Cancer, don't need any kind of reminder of the disease. We are, to put it mildly, aware that it is out there and we know first hand what the disease can do.
I'm all for awareness, but you are never, ever going to catch me wearing pink. No way, Jose'.
Okay, okay, so pink is the traditional color for girls......baby girls. But, it's a wimpy color. It's soft, pretty and delicate.
Pink is not a color for women who have had chunks cut out of them, and have suffered from radiation burns. Pink is not a color for women who have lost their hair and their dignity, as they bared their chests for dozens of doctors, nurses, and radiologists. And, nausea is never soft and pretty.
Pink is not a color for women who have fought and won the battle against Breast Cancer. It is definitely not the color for women who who have given it their best effort and yet lost, in spite of it all.
So, my friends. Look for me in bright red, green, purple, orange, blue or yellow......or a combination of any of the above. Don't look for me in pink.
I am a survivor.

Holy God. You are our strength and our salvation. You are the one to heal our hearts and minds. Give us courage to face what is to happen. Hold us tightly as we cling to you. Show us the way.