Wednesday, June 15, 2011

"to know them is to love them"

Well, I want to talk about pre-teen girls. Some of you are well acquainted with those females. They are those creatures who generally place one hand on one hip and roll their eyes, while asking "Who me?" when they are addressed.
Believe me, as a a Middle School Substitute, I have witnessed enough eye-rolls an attitudes to last a life time. I know their type. I was one.
You know, I generally introduce myself as a former Middle School Teacher. Then I say, don't mess with me, because I can take you down!
This week, however, I was blessed to work with a group of pre-teens from Littleton, Colorado, who made me reassess my opinion of their age group. This group of 15 young women and their leaders came to work at our Mission, and they worked like no other group has!
I was astonished at their work ethic. Wow! They wrapped packages, sorted clothes, filed papers,and made packets better than most adult groups. They would have worked longer, but they wore me out!

God. You are so awesome. I thank you so much for sending me some of the most wonderful young ladies in this universe. I have been so honored to know these young women and their leaders. Bless them. Bless their futures. They are so worthy.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

"Somewhere Over the Rainbow"

During the past two weeks, I've been on the road. Della Lamb(my 2 foot high papier mache traveling companion)and I have driven all the way out to Hutchinson, Kansas, then to Springfield, Missouri, and then down to Leawood, Kansas.
As we traveled, we found that most mid western folks were very friendly and all but a very few were willing to listen to my spiel about our urban mission here in the heart of Kansas City. Of course, when you greet people with "say hi to my friend Della" and then lead them to a cotton-ball covered statue, it does have a tendency to break the ice or should I say, soften the message!
But, I'm tired. Last night, I slept in my own bed. I fell asleep quickly. Didn't even have to know what. It was great.
Dorothy Gale was right. "There's no place like home."

Lord. I'm so thankful to be home. I'm thankful that I have a home. My prayers go out to those who are searching for a home or need a home. Help all of us remember that we have a safe place with You.