Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Carol Refro, MO Conference Vice President, and I traveled down and over to Poplar Bluff on Sunday. We left Kansas City at 2 p.m. and made it to our hotel in beautiful downtown Poplar Bluff at 9 p.m. Our purpose was to meet with Southwest District Officers, Vicki and Gail, and the Rev.Charles Buck, pastor of First UMC, in Poplar Bluff.
Carol and I were warmly greeted by all three and we were able to work out some plans for our Annual Meeting in September. The Poplar Bluff church is a wonderfully usable facility. They have done a great job of blending old and new sections and making it all work together. We are all excited about "Coming to God's Table" in Poplar Bluff.
And Poplar Bluff is Beautiful. The azaleas were in full bloom all over town. Gorgeous red, pink, magenta, and white bushes.
On our return trip, Carol and I stopped off to visit the Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum and Home in Mansfield. Be sure to put it on your list of Missouri Places to see. All of the Little House Books,the prequels and sequels were written there.
Now, get this folks.....Laura Ingalls Wilder was a Methodist. She attended the Methodist Church in Mansfield. I think there is a story there or at least a reason to do some research.
Now, isn't that the coolest thing? Guess there is more than one famous Methodist author in Missouri!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Blue Ridge

Quit your whinning out there, girlfriends. We have circles (right here in Missouri) that are intergenerational and are making UMW work!
Congratulations to the EVEning Circle at Blue Ridge UMC. I visited with them last night and believe me when I write that they fit our MISSION Purpose to a "T".
First of all, they meet when it works for them. Most of them are employed, so they come right after work on Monday nights. They share a pot luck dinner. One young mom brings her teen son. Mondays are Scout night at the church so they eat together and go to their respective meetings.And, other moms bring their kids to share in the meal.They always offer child care during the meeting.
Then, the ages of the women range from early 20's to 70 something. I observed that they cherish one another and they are certainly a COMMUNITY of women, as they offered up their concerns and joys. They are involved in "hands on Mission" in their church. They have fun.(In February, their meal theme was red or pink food, or food shaped like a heart. How great is that?)
This group is a model for our future. The young and the experienced coming together for the Lord.
Now, like many of our circles, they have their issues. But, by golly, the women of the EVEning circle are continuing to fulfill our Purpose.
What a blessing.