Wednesday, November 23, 2016

HO HO HO Holiday!

Every family has a funny holiday story to tell. Sometimes it involves the mispronunciation of Christmas Carol Lyrics, like a 3 year old belting out "round John virgin". Or perhaps it's the tale of the little brother asking Santa to bring "pickles and dirt" for his older sister. Well, funny things happen during the holiday season. And, we all enjoy the retelling of these family stories.
Just yesterday, our seven year old granddaughter waltzed into the living room and peered at the Nativity Set, which had appeared since her last visit. You could tell she was taking her time and studying each figure. She finally asked, "Where are the Kings?"
I walked over to the table and showed her the three figures, representing the Kings. I pointed out that they were each carrying gifts to the Christ Child. Then, I pointed out the figures representing Mary, Joseph and the baby.
I could tell that she was taking it all in.
"So", she said, very seriously, looking at the remaining figures, " these guys must be the walk-ins."
Shepherds to you and me, but "walk-ins" is a pretty descriptive explanation of their presence.
What a gift. Now, we have a brand new family Christmas Story.

We are grateful for Christmas. We need reminding that You came to Earth to save us all. We appreciate the wonder of children and the joy of making our loved ones happy. We are blessed.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

"Be Prepared"

Did your mother caution you to "always wear nice underwear (without holes), because you never know when you might end up in the hospital and someone would see the holes"?
Well, to this day, my underwear is never holey. I am prepared. I will forever be ready for that surprise hospital visit.
This old adage came to mind, just last Saturday night. Scott and I were invited to a Dance Troupe fund raiser. The event was held in a private home, in a nice area of town, and we were excited to attend.
Upon entering the home, we were greeted by two nice young women, one of whom told us to put our coats and shoes downstairs. I was dumb-founded. "Shoes?" I asked. She replied that the host had requested that all guest remove their shoes.
Now, this was a nice house, but really? I've had lunch in the Missouri Governor's Mansion. I've toured Monticello, Mount Vernon, a couple of Lincoln's homes. I've walked through the White House and Versailles, for Pete's sake, and I wore my shoes in all of them.
But, I weakly complied with the request and went downstairs to take off my boots. They were my best boots. Off came the boots. Now, everyone knows that no one sees your socks in a pair of knee-high boots. But, uh-oh, I had a tiny toe hole in one of my stockings. So, off came my socks.
I came upstairs in my bare feet.
I need not have worried. There were plenty of bare-foot folks at the event. Apparently, lots of folks wear socks with holes!
I briefly ☺ wondered about their underwear.

Dear all-knowing and all-powerful God. You really know us. You know what we do and how we think. Help us to remember that in every circumstance, you will be there for us. We don't surprise you. We trust your love and guidance.

Friday, November 11, 2016

"......drift by my window"..

There is a distinct nip in the air this morning. It is nearly Thanksgiving and we are finally experiencing some Autumn weather. It was coming. It always does. But because we are well into the eleventh month of the year, and we are still wearing short sleeves and sandals, many of us were beginning to doubt the arrival of chilly weather.
Winter will also visit us, in the near future. Then a couple of months later, Spring will come bursting in. Changes in weather are inevitable, and we can do nothing about it.
There are many things that we cannot alter to suit ourselves and one of them is the weather.
In Scripture we are told, "Do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will take care of itself."
Live today. In fact, live today like there will be no tomorrow.
We have no guarantee we will see the sun come up.
God has given us this moment, let us enjoy it.

Dear Lord. Life is a very uncertain thing. We have so many blessings, and yet we constantly worry about what is going to happen next. Show us how to live in the moment. Remind us, however you can, that we are but momentary creatures put on this Earth for a mere lifetime. Remind us of your glory and steadfast, enduring love and care. We praise your name.