Monday, April 28, 2014

How about a slice?

My very wise daughter is fond of telling me, "That is not your watermelon, mother". When she utters those words, I know in my heart that she is making sense. However, as a caring, sympathetic woman......of some age... it is, oh so hard, to walk by your huge watermelon which you parked, right there in front of me.
I don't know when I will ever learn that I cannot solve all of the world's issues. Logically, I know that I cannot carry the burdens of everyone who has a problem. After all, I have my own watermelons.We all have watermelons. I have enough burdens of my own. I don't need to take on your burdens, right now.
So tell me your problems, I'm a great listener. But please, don't expect me to solve your problems. I'm going to respond to your story by asking you a few questions. What are you going to do about your situation? What do you think the solution to your problem is? How will you move forward?
I'll help by bringing a knife and maybe some paper plates, forks and napkins. But, you, my fellow traveler, are going to have to tote that big old watermelon by yourself.

Kind and loving Lord. Life is often a  struggle for your children. But, you have blessed us with your healing compassion and love. Show us how to love without being overbearing and all-knowing. Remind us that you are the only one with all of the answers. Put us in our places and direct us to where we can truly be helpful and lighten the loads of our fellow travelers. 
We praise your holy name.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Pardon me?

Old age is tough. Knee joints, hip joints, and shoulders get sore and eventually fail. Backs ache. Physical labor gets harder and harder to do.
Those and other tell-tale signs of aging get more noticeable as time marches on.
Take, for instance, losing the ability to hear. I'm finding it much more difficult, these days, to hear lots of things. I was really concerned about it, until just recently.
That's when I realized that by sleeping with my "good" ear to the pillow, I was no longer aware of any disturbing sounds in the night. Nothing, not even the horrendous snoring next to me, keeps me awake after 10 p.m. Quietly, my life is improving.
And, I don't have to remember what's secret anymore. If anyone whispers something in my ear, I can't hear it. You can trust me with whatever you consider "top secret." I promise that I'll never tell. Because, I sincerely have no idea what you told me. Mums the word.
Diminished hearing isn't such a bad thing. My work place has several alarms that beep at regular intervals, every several seconds, all day long. They are driving my fellow workers mad. Praise the Lord, I can't hear them.
Life is getting better with each passing day.
What did you just say?

All knowing Lord. You are our strength in all phases of our lives. Guide us and lead us to do your work here on earth. Protect our loved ones and show then your love. We trust in your goodness and
mercy. You are all powerful.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

What, me worry?

Remember the Franklin Delano Roosevelt quote? " The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."? Well, I remember it and I believe that fear is a huge probelem for many of us.
Fear often consumes a great deal of our time. When we are afraid and worry about what might happen, it takes up our time. Fear is a tremendous time waster. And, time spent on worry can never be regained.
It doesn't do us any good to worry.When we spend time worrying about the worst case scenario, it rarely helps the situation. Often, the effect of our worrying does not change the eventual outcome, one tiny little bit.
The other night I couldn't sleep, because I was worried about the future. What did my lack of sleep do for me? Nothing, except make me tired the next day. Most problems, including mine, cannot be solved in the dead of night. Why did I waste the time worrying? A good night's sleep might have given me a much better perspective on my problem!
I have a friend who worries about the weather. She is consumed by the fact that her home might flood or a tornado might come or she might get snowed in. These things have never happened to her, but she continues to worry.
Jesus told us not to worry. The seasons come. Life continues. Just, count your blessings and quit worrying. It won't help.

Dear Lord: We are blessed in so many ways. Hold us in your loving arms and help us to realize that your steadfast love endures forever. Our problems are insignificant. Your mercy is great.