Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ring-around-the Rampsies

I took my longest route to work the other day and shaved 10 minutes off my commute time. No, it wasn't a national holiday, but a regular, everybody-goes-to-work Thursday. Feeling very lucky, I dared to reverse my morning trip and made it home in record time that evening.
What miracle occurred, you might ask?  Well, I stepped out of my comfort zone or actually drove out of my comfort zone. Truth is, I was in a road routine rut. You see, we have lived in the same neighborhood for over 30 years and we have faithfully accessed a near-by highway by the same entrance and exit ramps, for that exact period of time. This route takes us through a small business area and is, I now know, a time consuming stretch.
A while ago, maybe a couple of years now, there was some construction between our house and the previously mentioned ramps. We knew they were building one of those traffic roundabouts (a double one, no less) but, we didn't even notice that they also built new off and on ramps, to the highway.
Lo and behold, the new ramps allow us to by-pass the shops and offices, and get right on and off the highway. Voila! A shorter commute.
Will wonders never cease?

Good God: We are so thankful that you allow us to learn new things everyday. Keep showing us that just because "We've always done it that way", routine can sometimes hurt us and keep us from growing both emotionally and spiritually. Change can be a very good thing. Open our eyes, that we might see the visions you have for us. We are ever blessed by your faithfulness.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

"...when you're perfect in every way."

I wear an nice brown apron at my new job. To some of you that might not be such a big deal, but believe me, I find it very humbling. Certainly not humiliating. Just humbling.
For years, I have been ANTI-APRON. Often, I have volunteered
with groups who have sought to designate their members by some type of uniform. Matching bandannas, tee shirts, hats, collars, pins,  etc. And, every once in a while, someone would suggest wearing aprons. At that point, I would always voice my opinion and declare aprons as sexist, cutesy and way too demeaning. After all, women have important work to do, in and out of the kitchen. Aprons just smacked of cooking and dirty dishes. I refused to wear an apron, at any event, under any circumstances.
Now, I'm wearing a cobbler's apron, every day at the store. It is very possible that God is trying to get my attention.

Wise and loving Lord: You always know what is best for us. Keep us ever mindful of our limitations and show us the best ways to do your work. We give you thanks for the lessons that you teach us. Humble us. Bless us as we go about our daily lives.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Photo Op

My attention and interest has been inexplicably drawn to photographs, lately. Maybe I am getting bored by the printed word or I could be just slipping into another phase of aging. There really could be a stage, as yet unresearched, where seniors just start ignoring the printed word (a post-reading syndrome, perhaps) and just look at the pictures. Perhaps this phenomena is the beginning of my intellectual reversal.
While perusing the pix, several questions have popped into my head.
Why are the faces in most publicity photos of boy bands, rock groups and rap artists so serious? Not a smile from any of these folks. I thought making music was considered a joyful pursuit. It's not as if any of these musicians are being photographed in a salt mine doing forced labor! And, I think they are all making above minimum wage.
And likewise, why do all 20-30 something women now pose with their hands on their hips? Who started that? Was is Madonna or Lady GaGa? Honestly,
attendance at a local charity event, dressed in a Jaquelyn Smith ensemble, doesn't require the same pose as a red carpet celebrity wearing Prada.
And, finally. When did baseball caps get so big? Have they always rested on the ears of the players? Today's fielders resemble children wearing the uniforms of their fathers and uncles.The obvious comment would be about brain size, but I'm not going there.
So, maybe I am a bit crabby this morning. But, what is this world coming to?

Good and Gracious God: It really takes all kinds of folks to make up your marvelous world. We are truly thankful for our differences and our similarities. We honor your
creativity. We are thankful for our many blessings. Be with us today as we work toward your Glory.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Surprise! Surprise!

A few of my previous posts have dealt with happenings on my daily commute to work. Today, it is a bit more of the same.
Sometimes in the course of human events, an incident or perhaps an accident will cause me to veer off my usual route. Due to lane closures on the downtown freeway loop, I've found myself on unfamilar roads twice this week.
My first experence led me down one sparsely traveled trafficway through the center of an industrial district. As I approached an intersection, I looked up and saw a 1940's era DC-3 airliner, attached to a bunch of steel girders, and posed or maybe I should write poised for take-off. I'm not describing a model airplane. This thing is the real deal. It's huge and acts, I later read, as advertising for a local coffee company. Well, it certainly is eye catching.
The next afternoon, I decided to angle my way across downtown, to avoid the loop and some equally annoying congestion around the entertainment district. This route led me past the red and white TWA Mooliner Rocket Ship. (TWA stands for Trans World Airlines, for any readers that I might have under the age of 60.) This decorative (TWA did not actually have flights to the moon.) piece of 1960's memorabilia sits atop an office building, as if it is ready to blast off into space.
Life is full of great surprises and we can experience them if we are able to persuade ourselves to make a few changes in our daily routines.
It's the road less traveled.

Heavenly Spirit. You created the wonders and glories of this planet. Show us how to enjoy all that You offer us. There are many branches on Your trees and many stars in Your heavens. Help us learn to focus on what we have and not so much on what we don't have. We honor You.