Friday, October 13, 2017

"Hi Ho, Hi Ho. You're never too old to be young."

I think Disney's seven dwarfs had it right. You are never to old to do something new.
Three of our residents.....ages between 80 and 90 years young, went skydiving yesterday. All of them raved about the experience. They loved it and no one was harmed during the filming of the event!  Then, another resident (this one a mere 92) is, in my opinion, the best pie baker on the planet. She's an expert and has been baking great pies for many years. But, the remarkable thing is that she is still doing it. And, she bakes them to give away. When she's not baking, she is fashioning hats...hundreds of handmade hats for newborns.....for a local hospital nursery. Just another thing that she has been doing for years!
One of the many advantages of being in daily contact with 80 and 90 year old folks, is that there is so much I can learn from them. They show me every day that staying young at heart and well in spirit and body, takes work. It takes action. Doing new things or continuing to do familiar things, makes life worth living.

Precious Lord. We are thankful for life. Help us to realize our potential and to share our blessings with others.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Roundabouts Redux

When I started my current job, I blogged about a "new fangled traffic arrangement" called a round- about. Now, four years later, round-abouts are still confounding and frustrating nearly all of the folks who encounter them. Things have not gotten any better.
Since I last expounded on round-abouts, the State of Missouri has seen fit to configure these confusing traffic disbursements near every Senior Community, in my immediate area. I can count at least seven, within twenty minutes of my home.
The rules of engagement, regarding round-abouts are quite simple: 1) Follow the posted speed limit. 2) On coming traffic must yield to traffic already in the circle.
Within the last week, I have met, face to face, a motorcyclist, going the wrong way, around the roundabout. He looked petrified, by the way. And, I heard the story of a pedestrian getting lost while walking on the roundabout. ( Alert!!!!Pedestrians do not have to go in the same direction as the cars!)
Lord, help us!

Good God. We are a confused and demented society. Show us the way, in all that we do.

The Joy of Words

In my opinion, one of the small pleasures in life is rereading a book that you love. This morning, my time was spent rereading a novel that I have enjoyed several times. One of the reasons for enjoying a book, over and over, is that during each reread, something new always pops up.
During today's reread, I happened upon two words words that had gone unnoticed in my previous readings. The first word was "eclaircissement." My public school education (thank you, Mlle.Laney) told me that the word had something to do with the word "clear." By golly, it did. I looked it up and found that it means,"the clearing up of something that was vague." Eureka!
Therefore, I discerned an eclaircissement of the word "moiety", after I researched its meaning. Moiety means something divided into two parts. And, the parts do not necessarily need to be equal.
You're never too old to learn something new.

Thank you Lord, for giving us a brain with which to think. Reason is a wonderful thing. With reason we are able to discover the wonderful things You have given us. With reason we can appreciate all that life has to offer.

Monday, September 18, 2017


I've worn bifocals for years. Some people admit that they have had difficulty learning to adjust to them. Others opt for the the "lineless" type of lens, that makes a person wearing bifocals look like they have single vision glasses ( a younger look, of course). However, I have always preferred to wear my bifocal lenses with pride. Lines have never mattered to me.
But now, I can't see this computer screen. I find myself sending out emails with double letters and misspelled words! I think that I am beginning to look either demented, inebriated or maybe just crazy.
I see fine far away. I see fine close up. I just can't see the screen and what I type.
So, I guess I need tri-focals. Easy enough, except I have already seen the eye doctor, this year. I have to wait another six months to see him again. (Thank you Medicare!)
Voila! I have discovered "Readers" or "Cheaters", or what ever you want to call them. I can see much better now. For a mere, one dollar per pair, I have computer glasses. One pair at work and one pair at home. Yes, it is a bother to be constantly changing glasses. I can't walk or see clearly, once I look away from the screen in my new glasses, but at least I am cutting down on my written errors.
The Dollar Store has offered me a new lease on life.

Great and merciful Lord. Sometimes life is so simple. We try to make it so difficult. Show us how to enjoy life and put our efforts into what really matters.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Happy Birthday to ya!

In a few days, I will be another year older. I'm not complaining. I love getting older. It sure as heck beats the alternative. Because, at my age, I am considered a survivor.
There are many perks to getting older. Everyone knows that the Senior Rate is a big help to those of us who are now on a fixed income. And, how about those lines at the TSA check-in. Old is the new "go to the head of the line"!
Then, there is the realization that you don't have to buy the best of anything. After a certain age, it doesn't make sense to get the best, which often comes with a lifetime warranty. Because I am a "Senior", I am never going to get my money's worth. A lifetime warranty, or even a twenty-five year guarantee, isn't going to do me any good!
So, look for me in the cheap tee shirt. It might have glitter and sequins. I don't care it they fall off after 20 or so washings. I had a friend that swore she never looked at the expiration date on a milk carton. Heck, I'm adopting that attitude, also. Who knows how long I'll last?
I am going to love living, for as long as I can.

Great God. I am on your side and I am blessed to know that you are on mine. Show me how to serve you in the best way possible. I praise your Holy Name.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Will wonders never cease?

You are never too old to experience new things. Remember that old commercial (I think it might have been for Wendy's) where the old lady says, "I can't believe I ate the whole thing!" Well, I'm old enough that I can relate to that statement.
I can't believe I went to a "boat-in" bar at the Lake of the Ozarks. Now, I didn't drive a boat to the bar, but I rode a boat to a bar. The whole experience was a bit surreal. Several hundred folks, all in swim suits or parts of swim suits, drinking, dancing and mingling, in and around a swimming pool. I was agog! That was certainly a first time experience for me, and probably a once in a lifetime experience, also.
So, what will I do next? Who knows? But, I'm not ready to sit back and be waited on just yet. I have a lot of living yet to do.

Great God. Thank you for the experiences of life. Thank you for the good and the bad. We are your creations and you have given us all so much. We praise your Holy Name.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Joy to the World

Several months ago, I started a Happiness Diary. Each day, I write down three things which bring me joy. I can't remember who suggested that I do this, but whoever you are....thank you so much.
I journal and obviously, I Blog. But, those things require thought and remembering to use my best grammar skills. But, my Happiness Diary is often only three words or just the names of three people that make me joyful and happy. I just can't screw up the tenses in three words.
Today, before nine o'clock, I wrote down the first names of three folks, who made me laugh. It was Monday morning, and my smiles are sometime hard to come by on a Monday.  But, the three people that made me laugh, this morning, were a real joy!
To tell you the truth, later, I dealt with some folks today that did not make me laugh. They were crabby, complaining and totally unpleasant to be around.....BUT, because I had those three names of joy,  I stayed on an even keel, the whole day.
Every day that I write in my Happiness Journal is a good day. Sometimes, it is even a great day.
I am blessed.

Thank you Lord, for my Joys and Blessings. Allow me to show others, that through Your Grace and Goodness, all lives are better. Help me to ease the unhappiness of others and to calm their fears and worries. All these things, I ask in your name.