Sunday, July 27, 2014

Enough is enough

I don't know about you, but I always have trouble packing for a trip. I have a hard time including, in my suitcase, just what I will need while I am gone from home. I'm not a good packer.
It just isn't a matter of packing the right outfits. It's putting all the right accessories in the bag, too. You know...the shoes, the earrings, the purses, etc., that will complement the dress or shirt and slacks, etc., that I want to wear, while on my trip.
When I reach my destination, I always find that I have forgotten to pack something that I need. I packed my blue dress, but not the silver necklace that I wanted to wear with it. I packed the black slacks, but forgot the top that goes with them. Or, those perfect sandals that I bought, just for this trip....they are still in the box at the bottom of my closet.
In spite of this inability to get my packing act together, I have never had to go naked, while on a trip. Or, for that matter, had to skip an activity, due to my lack of accessories.
All of this leads me to the question......How much do we really need to carry on our lives?
The fact is, we are all collectors, buyers, consumers and users. We all have too much stuff.
Living simple, whether packing for a trip or living every day life, has got to be the best way to live our lives.

Dear God: Help me to simplify my life. Show me how to let go of all the little meaningless extras that basically just cause me a lot of stress. Help me to stop worrying about the little things. Make my life's focus to be doing right and helping others. Guide my feet, while I run this race.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A little help from my friends.....

Let's get real here. I work full time.....forty hours or more each week. I get home around 4:45 p.m. each weekday evening, dog-tired and worn slick. But, like most women, from my generation, I expect and plan to cook a nice meal for my spouse.
I am blessed. Sometimes, my spouse offers to take us out to eat. Other times, he has even cooked the evening meal himself. He is thoughtful and kind, but most times it is up to me. I don't mind. I've been cooking dinner for 40 some years.
It's part of my routine.
But, because I have been doing it for such a long time, I want to share with you one of the secrets to my domestic success.
I always wear an apron.
Aprons are great. Especially the ones that cover up all of your front area. At my age, I have a lot of front area.
When I cook, I get dirty. Greasy. Wet. Gooey. Cooking is a messy job. And, aprons are a great defense against getting your nice work clothes (sometimes, I am too tired to change, before I start dinner) and even your favorite grubbies (othertimes, I opt to change into lounge wear) really messed up.
I have collected a great many aprons, over the 48 years of my housewif-ed-ness. I wear them all. Aprons are like a costume. When I put one on, I become another person. Aprons are a type of superwoman's cape. I become confident, in my role as cook. I am controller of the kitchen, queen of the counter and I can withstand any mess that comes my way.
Viva La Apron!

Great and Loving God. You are our Apron of life. You can shield us from anything that comes our way. You are our protector and provider. Our job is to let You protect us. You are our fortress.
Precious Lord, take our hand and lead us to every lasting life.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Two to Tango

We have two golden anniversary events coming up. One, I am very excited about attending and the other one not so much.
The planners of one of the anniversary events are very concerned about not highlighting anything from the past. They have expressed concern that they don't want anyone to get their feelings hurt because they weren't popular or successful ....way back when. And, they have decided against recognizing much of anything that has happened in the last fifty years, that we are supposedly celebrating. No honors, no congratulations on a life well lived, no high fives on jobs well done. That, in my opinion, doesn't leave much to celebrate.
Don't get me wrong. I'm going to this reunion, and I will participate, but frankly, I'm not looking forward to it.
The planners of the second reunion, are going all out. They are inviting folks to come and celebrate lives well lived and to toast to an exciting future. The celebration will include old and new friends.
I can't wait to join in.
In both cases, we will acknowledge a long span of time. Fifty years is almost a lifetime. Over fifty years there have been good times and bad. That's life folks! We have become who and what we are, thanks to the many events, good and bad, that have shaped our lives.
I'll drink to that!

Great Lord. I am so thankful to be alive. Life is a journey, and I am so thrilled to be on the road. You steadfast love endures forever. Thank you for showing, to each and every one of us, your care and mercy.