Thursday, March 19, 2015

What a day!

If you are a fan of movie musicals, you have to be familiar with the song, "Sisters". Rosemary Clooney and Vera Ellen sang it in "White Christmas". The two were performing siblings, warbling away about their devotion and jealousy of each other.
And, if you happen to have a sister, then you might find the song appropriate or at the least, rather amusing.
Today, I want to wish my much older sister a very happy birthday. We are what remains of our birth family. Our parents are long ago deceased and we have both enjoyed a lot of ups and downs in our relatively long lives. As sisters go, we have a lot of similarities and a few dis-similarities, and in spite of everything, we are "such devoted sisters."
"Caring. Sharing." I wish all sisters could be like us.

Gracious and all loving Lord. Thank you for family. Thank you for the special bonds of sisters.
I am truly grateful for my sister.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Up to my armpits.......

So many commitments, so little time. I have obviously over extended myself this month.
Awhile back, I agreed to do the monthly program for my church women's group. The program was for March. It is now March, and that faraway program date in this Tuesday.
Our Annual Open House at work is also scheduled for this Tuesday. Thankfully, I have not been asked to stay longer than my regular work hours.
However, I am going to have to cancel my hair appointment........Tuesday, again.
More recently, I agreed to participate in a Follies program at work. I said I would play "Dolly" to the song and dance man of our senior facility. That event, which seemed a long way the Spring, is this Thursday.
I made a luncheon date for Friday.
I also said "yes" when I was asked to be an usher at two upcoming concerts for my husband's choral group. Those dates are next week.
I'm exhausted just thinking about how I am going to follow through with work and my extra-curricular activities.

Oh my Lord, Can you believe the mess I am in? Don't you just want to shake your head? Why don't I think before I commit? I am going to need your help, so don't give up on me. Guide me. Give me the strength and courage to do my best. I need you to be beside me.
Thank you for loving me unconditionally.

Friday, March 6, 2015


I sincerely believe that one of the greatest obstacles to achieving a truly successful life is our inability to follow simple directions.
Mr. Garmin has made billions trying to get us to learn how to follow that knowledgeable young woman, who tells us where to turn, intersect and, when all else fails, as soon as possible "make a legal U turn."
But, it is all to no avail. We simply can't and won't follow directions.
Any classroom teacher will tell you that students, no matter the age group, do not follow directions.
It doesn't do any good to read the instructions before hand. No one pays attention to explanations. We are all too eager to get the work finished, to really listen to how to actually do the work.
In adulthood, how many folks actually "read the manual before attempting to operate."? Hardly any one. We don't want to waste time doing that. But, how much time is wasted taking things apart and redoing them, because we didn't read the directions the in the first place?
Maybe it's arrogance. Maybe it's ignorance, or maybe it's just downright stupidity. But, most sets of directions are just a jumble of meaningless words that no one reads or listens to. And, it's not always written directions we ignore. We can't even "read" wordless directions. Most of us don't even have the patience to follow a video or take oral direction.
Listen folks. In my senior years, I realise that a little bit of thought before action is a darn good idea.. Read directions. It's the prudent thing to do.

Almighty and all-powerful God: Thank you for trying to give us directions to live a good life. We have the best example ever, in Jesus, to lead holy and honorable lives. Help us as we attempt to achieve the life you have planned for us.
We praise and glorify your name.