Saturday, June 17, 2017

Fake, Fake, Fake!

There is a lot of talk today about things being fake. Much of the news, we see and hear about, appears to be fake. At least half of America is calling it fake. The other half is so angry, we don't know what they are calling it. But then again, maybe the reports of half of the American population, being angry, are fake, too.
That aside, we had a "fake" incident at home, the other night.
Our granddaughter explained, to her ancient grandpa and grandma, the techniques and benefits of "fake" crying.  Anyone can do it, she assured us. And, if you do it right, the results are quite beneficial to the crier.
Whining and pleading, while you cry, gets the best results, we were told. Most of the time, it works, our expert explained. You can get almost anything you want, if you just play it right.
Holy Cow. Who knew? Out of the mouths of babes.
If this technique becomes common knowledge, anyone might use it. Career politicians will be using it, soon. Criminals, on trial, will take advantage of this phenomena. Maybe, I'll try it next week, at work.

Great and all powerful God. Emotion is a powerful thing. Help us to be God-fearing and truthful in our lives. We praise your holy name.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

au Naturel

In spite of my nickname, Fancy Nancy, I try to keep my life as simple as possible. I have never been  labeled as "high maintenance". I'm not into much make-up and Lord knows, I don't spend much time on my hair.
I have, however, spent a few thousand dollars on beautifying lotions and potions of many kinds.
Now, I have turned over a new LEAF. My newest beauty products are all Natural!
I have stopped using hair conditioning lotion and switched it out for a plain old bottle of apple cider vinegar. Besides being much less expensive, it seems to work quite well. I really like the way it makes my hair feel. The only down side is that I think I smell a little like a tossed salad and the vinegar fumes burn the heck out of my eyes.
I've also begun using coconut oil for body lotion. Oil, however, must be a misnomer. Coconut oil congeals at room temperature, and it is a bit gritty feeling. It has the texture of bacon grease.
But, it makes my skin feel really soft and smooth. However, I just cannot get the bacon grease thought, out of my mind. And, I think I smell like a Mounds Bar.
No telling how long this new "Natural Phase" of my life will last. Many years ago, I had a girlfriend who tried using lemon juice on her hair. It was supposed to lighten her naturally blondish locks. As I recall, all it did was attract flies!
C'est la vie!

Holy Lord. Watch over us. Be our guide and protector as we wander aimlessly through the many stages and phases of our lives. We praise Your name.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Never Say Never

Years ago, I vowed I would never, ever have one of those "ugly a**, you all know the type, recliners in my living room".
I don't know whether my children remember, but their father and I had a very heated argument, in a furniture showroom, over the purchase of one such chair. It was quite a scene, and it involved a few tears, accompanied by some loud, unkind remarks, directed at my in-laws.
My husband's father and mother had given us a couple of hundred dollars to purchase a recliner. They thought  their son needed one, in our living room. Well, I did not want one, in my living room. Those chairs were ugly. They had no style. I did not want a big, ugly piece of furniture, any place in my house, and I didn't care who knew it.
We, my husband and I, eventually settled on a recliner, for him, in our downstairs family room. His parents were not pleased, but my spouse and I stayed married.
Last month, I purchased, by myself  and by my own volition, a recliner for our living room. My husband deserved one. He likes it. It is not ugly, it is beautiful. It's leather and it cost an arm and a leg, but by golly, it's a recliner.
I am a woman. I can change my mind.

God. You are a marvel. You love us, know matter what crazy things we do. Show us how to curb our pride and prejudice. Teach us how to do Your will. We praise Your Holy Name.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Ten Thoughts

Here are ten things that I, as a senior, can do. (And many young folks cannot.)

1. I can add, subtract, multiply and divide numbers.........without using a machine.
2. I can read and write in cursive.
3. I am able to tell time on any kind of clock....not just a digital one or a phone.
4. I  can enjoy eating out,with family and friends, and not have to check my cell phone, once.
5. I know how to write a check, read a map and follow printed directions.
6. I can express myself in many ways...none of which include shaving my head or having some one stick an inky needle into any part of my body.
7. I can read a newspaper.
8. I cannot reproduce......and don't want to.
9. I can remember when I didn't have to pay to watch my own television, even if I had to get up to turn the set on and off.
10. I have had a productive and successful life, without having to post my every thought, action and bodily function, on the Internet.

We should appreciate all that we have experienced in this life. We can't be young again. And, would we really want to? I feel great about being who I am, who I was and who I will become.

Okay, God. Nobody told me what it would be like to grow older. I don't remember that class. But, with Your steadfast love, I think I am making the best of it. Help me to stay strong and healthy and to put Your will above my own.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Don't Get Mad, Get Even

Admit it. We all get really angry sometimes. And, sometimes that anger turns to vindictiveness. We are so mad, we want to get even.
Thankfully, most of us calm down and our anger resides, often to the point of forgiveness, or perhaps even forgetting. Revenge is not a good path for anyone to take.
However, sometimes the urge to "get even" takes over our good sense, and because we hold on to the slight or offense, when we should let it go, we manage to look pretty stupid when we get our revenge.
I had a friend, years ago, who insisted on buying herself something really expensive every time she felt slighted, abused or misused. I'm talking diamond rings, diamond bracelets and automobiles. I'm sure it wrecked havoc on her household budget. But, that's how she got her revenge.
At work, one resident told me that the "Exercise Lady" gave him exercises that hurt his rear end, so, he refused to go back. Well, I told him, that sure showed her, didn't it?
Then, there was the woman who went to her Weight Loss Group Meeting, only to realize that it had been cancelled. She immediately went out for a late breakfast of biscuits and gravy. (All of those carbs, couldn't have been on her diet.) Now, that's really showing her fellow group members!
Revenge or getting even, is a very risky business. ...and it never, ever is a good thing.

Kind and all-knowing Lord. Your life was one of forgiveness and understanding. Help us to be more like You. Teach us to live your Word. Show us how to love one another, unconditionally, as You love us.