Wednesday, June 24, 2015

You Got Talent!

Our Activities Director taped a "sign up sheet" to my counter a few days ago. (We need to tape papers to the counter, because they have a tendency to walk away, if they are not attached somewhere.)
The new "sign-up sheet" was a recruitment for a Talent Show. It has come as a surprise to a few, but not to many. that most folks do not think that they possess any talent, what so ever. Dozens of residents have read the sheet, but so far only a few have signed up to share their talent. So far we have two photographers, 1 painter and a drummer.
Now, I happen to know that each and every resident of my work place has unique gifts and graces. There is one women who knits beautiful and intricate sweaters.  Another woman writes amusing and insightful stories.
The most amazing pies, bordering on sinfully delicious, are made by yet another woman.  Talent abounds and these folks are way too modest.
My friend, the pie maker, just assumes that everyone can do what she does. Not so. I can't think of a soul who can match her lemon cream pie, or any of her pastry creations, for that matter. She is a master baker with incredible talent.
Senior citizens, we are a talented population. Think how long we have been around. If nothing else we have a talent for living....and living well. Our age makes us experts at living, and many of us have quite a knack for it.
To Life!

Great and all powerful God. We owe our existence to you. Show us how to praise you and how to follow your example. We ask these things in your Holy Name.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Mrs. Anderson was right.

June is traditionally a major celebration time for 3 groups of folks. Brides and grooms, graduates and of course fathers. A nationally designated day to celebrate mothers has been in existence for quite a while. The day to honor fathers, paternal bonds and just good men in general has a much later officially assigned date. President Nixon, himself the father of two girls, made it official, as the second Sunday in June, in 1972.
However, Americans have been celebrating an unofficial Father's Day since the early 1900's, when Harry C. Meek decided (after hearing about Mother's Day) to work to have a day set aside to honor fathers. Oddly enough, Mr. Meeks chose his own birthday, June 15th, as the date for all future U.S. Father's Day Celebrations.
Over 150 Nations celebrate Father's Day. In many of those countries, the celebration coincides with St. Joseph's Feast Day, Joseph being the earthly father of Jesus. Joseph is recorded as being a pretty good dad. Not perfect (he left Jesus, stranded and alone in Jerusalem, for a couple of days), but like most fathers, he did the best job he could.
So, enjoy a day in your honor, gentlemen. It will be a day quite different from Mother's Day. Unlike mom, you probably won't be receiving any flowers or chocolate candy. You might not even get all of the greeting cards or phone calls that you are expecting, but when the times get tough and some fatherly advice is needed.....Father Knows Best.

Heavenly Father: It's hard to be an obedient child, but it's much more difficult to be a loving father.
Thank you for loving us unconditionally. We are trying.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Edamame, anyone?

Several weeks ago, I attended a United Methodist Church Conference being held at a beautiful big city hotel. Along with hundreds of  well-appointed sleeping rooms, this venue had numerous banquet spaces and a huge wait/catering staff. Our event lasted an entire weekend, so we had a total of seven full meals served to the 300 or so folks in attendance.
The food was good. There was plenty of it.
However, it became immediately apparent, during the first meal, that the staff was spending a huge amount of time preparing and serving "specially prepared" meals.
At the tables, seating 10, it was the norm to see two or three regularly plated banquet meals and 7 or 8 "special meals". Some of these "special folks" were having salads with specific types of lettuce. Others "no salad" plates". Some had requested "no pork" and others "no chicken". Vegetarian meals and vegan meals had been prepared. There were "no spice" requests, "no gluten" requests, "no dairy" requests, "no nuts" requests and specific fruit requests. And the list didn't stop there!
Food has always been important to Methodists. We are known to honor the large casserole dish as the "symbol" of our faith. There are very few skinny Methodists, and true to our doctrine of "no dish goes uneaten", there were perhaps only 1% of our group who were not in need of a little less chow and lot more exercise.
I found it interesting that these same attendees were all or had once been devotees of the good old-fashioned Methodist pot-luck dinner, salad luncheon and men's breakfasts. Only God knows what kind of ingredients go into the dishes served at those events.
God Bless the Methodists. I noticed that NO ONE turned down the desserts.

Dear Lord. Our immense propensity toward ridiculous behavior amazes me. It's a wonder you can love and assist us when you must spend a great deal of your time laughing hysterically.
It seems the harder we try, the crazier life becomes. Help us to focus and the truly important issues.
We must love you and one another and you have taught us.