Monday, July 25, 2016


I just got a phone call from Donald Trump, and I'm sure he had something important to say, but I hung up on him after a few seconds. Hillary Clinton appears, scowling, on the right side of my email inbox, each and every time I log in. She keeps asking me to follow her and contribute to her campaign, and I haven't. Once she even asked me to have dinner with her....for a price, of course. Bernie Sanders pops up occasionally, when I switch on a couple of the games I regularly play. And well, Facebook has had an assortment of candidates whining and pleading for my support from almost every page I open.
Enough already.
I am not going to make up my mind to vote for or against any candidate, for public office, by listening to a "sound bite" or watching a derogatory ad.
As Officer Friday said, "Give me the facts.....just the facts." I'll make an informed decision after I use my God given mind to rationally decipher what I find to be the truth, from all of the verbose garbage I see, read and hear.

God give me wisdom to know the truth. Grant me the patience to listen to those who insist on telling me their political views. Allow me to behave in a rational manner, even if I disagree with them all. Teach me tolerance. Show me how to exhibit mercy. Keep me calm.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Put on a Happy Face......or at least try.

It seems that every time I turn on the TV, I hear someone screaming in anger. At work there are folks who are always angry and frustrated at one thing or another.  With all of the anger in our world, no wonder there is so much unhappiness.
I truly believe that angry people are unhappy people.
But, sometimes I hear comments, like.....You know so and so is only happy when she is complaining. Or, he is happiest when he is angry.
That is just not true.
If you are thinking about your problems all the time or focusing on how unhappy you are, then you are just going to succeed at making yourself more miserable and more miserable. Miserable people are never happy.
Guess what? When you get your mind going in the right direction and put some of your energy into the good in your life (and we all have good in our lives), then you will experience some real happiness.
Happiness will give you peace.

Dear Lord. We are grateful for many things. How truly blessed we are to know that you will always be with us. Help us to embrace the good in our lives. Show us how to throw out our negatives. Grant us peace.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Sum-sum-sum-sum-sum-sum-sum-er-time. Summertime. Oh-oh-oh 0h."

Our friend from Vermont was stunned when the car thermometer read 99 degrees. He couldn't even imagine what he was seeing and experiencing. An hour or so later, that same thermometer topped off at 104.
Recently, after a dozen or so days of 90 degrees or more, our vibrant green, grassy lawns started to go dormant (that's burned out, brown and dead for you Yankees or Californians) and the potted flowers started wilting. No amount of artificial watering can stem a horrendous Midwestern hot spell. The natives were saying that June was not supposed to be this hot. The weather persons on TV were saying that we were having record breaking high temperatures.
Fast forward to today, July third. Flash flood warnings and record breaking cool weather. The soil in my flower pots is soggy and I had to jettison the extra water in their saucers. What a difference a day or so makes.
Welcome to the Great Midwest. And, this ain't Ohio! I'm talking Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Nebraska and Iowa. We are what weather is all about!
As I sit here wrapped in my sweater (I refuse to allow my husband turn on the heat in JULY), I am contemplating the strangeness of Mother Nature. How dare we plan for a hot and dry 4th of July! We are not in control of the Universe. We are in control of very little and oh how upset we get when things don't go our way.
Buck up, cowpokes! Hang on to the reins and hold on for dear life. Life is a wild and unpredictable ride.

Good Lord: Sometimes this journey is tough. But, You never promised us a smooth and easy trip. As your children, we know that we can turn to You for comfort and assurance. Your arms are always wide open and welcoming. We praise You and welcome Your blessings.