Tuesday, June 13, 2017

au Naturel

In spite of my nickname, Fancy Nancy, I try to keep my life as simple as possible. I have never been  labeled as "high maintenance". I'm not into much make-up and Lord knows, I don't spend much time on my hair.
I have, however, spent a few thousand dollars on beautifying lotions and potions of many kinds.
Now, I have turned over a new LEAF. My newest beauty products are all Natural!
I have stopped using hair conditioning lotion and switched it out for a plain old bottle of apple cider vinegar. Besides being much less expensive, it seems to work quite well. I really like the way it makes my hair feel. The only down side is that I think I smell a little like a tossed salad and the vinegar fumes burn the heck out of my eyes.
I've also begun using coconut oil for body lotion. Oil, however, must be a misnomer. Coconut oil congeals at room temperature, and it is a bit gritty feeling. It has the texture of bacon grease.
But, it makes my skin feel really soft and smooth. However, I just cannot get the bacon grease thought, out of my mind. And, I think I smell like a Mounds Bar.
No telling how long this new "Natural Phase" of my life will last. Many years ago, I had a girlfriend who tried using lemon juice on her hair. It was supposed to lighten her naturally blondish locks. As I recall, all it did was attract flies!
C'est la vie!

Holy Lord. Watch over us. Be our guide and protector as we wander aimlessly through the many stages and phases of our lives. We praise Your name.

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Amy E Kincaid said...

We are alike. Wash your face with honey. Also, I am making natural lotions and will make you a special potion just for you.