Sunday, March 5, 2017

Good Advice

A couple of my favorite movies are "You've Got Mail" and "Sleepless in Seattle". I try to watch them, every time they are on TV. The late Nora Ephron was involved in the production of both. So, I just ran across a great quote from Ms Ephron. It's terrific. I think there is great wisdom here.

"I was just with someone complaining about his mother. He’s 70 and his mother is dead. I sat there thinking, This is unbelievable. He was complaining about things she did to him when he was a kid. There are also a lot of divorced people who, five years later, are still walking around angry when they should be grateful. They love being victims. You get to a certain point in life where if you were younger, you’d say, ‘Think about getting a shrink.’ Then you get older and want to say, ‘Pull up your socks. Get over it.’ ” —Nora Ephron (1941-2012)

So, let's start today. Just STOP IT. Quit complaining, whining and belly aching. Nothing is going to get better because you are talking about it. Life and the world changes one person at a time. Change your attitude. Live your life to the fullest. Move on.

Dear God. Slap some sense into us. We are blessed. We should be more grateful. Show us how to use our blessings, to be the best that we can be.

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