Friday, March 3, 2017

Nansense and her sister.

My much older sister and I share an rare talent.The two of us can sing a short song about most any subject you can mention. And, if we can't think of a song, about a particular subject, we can probably recite a "piece" of poetry, instead.
This skill amazes people, daily. As the years pass, I realize this crazy skill set is very unusual. I wish that I were standing in front of you, right now, so that you could test my ability.
However, talented as we are, I have always assumed that this talent of ours was completely useless. I mean, I have never made a cent from this skill, and I don't believe that my sister has either. It's just something we do. If knowing nonsense songs and poems had been a money-maker, we would both be multi-jillionairs!  There is simply no market for what we do.
Well today, I had an A-Ha Moment. Right after giving a spontaneous rendition of "Alice, Where are you going?", at a complete stranger's request, I realized my "talent" had countless worth. People are entertained and amused by such wacky talent. The woman who had requested the song, was thrilled. I could read her mind...."What kind of a kook would actually know the words to such a bizarre song?"
Every January, I always sing my "Kansas songs" medley for anyone who will listen. My sister probably does the same thing. Although, when she sings them in Southern California, it must seem odder than when I do it, in Missouri.
Just a couple of days ago, I recited A.A. Milne's "London Street", to a bedazzled and puzzled Londoner. I believe she said the experience was "rather quaint".
Yes, we sisters are a talented duo. We are priceless. You should hear us perform.

Gracious God. We are blessed. Give us the courage and fortitude to do your work. Help us to love all of your children, and to spread joy and happiness where we can.

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