Monday, March 13, 2017

Mid-Century Modern

Imagine my surprise, when I recently came across a magazine article about a young couple, living in Austin, Texas, who had turned their "21st Century" two-story home, into a Mid-Century Modern Classic. And, and this was what was so hard for me to wrap my mind around...........they did it willingly.
What? How wonderfully odd. I can marvel at such an story, because I have spent the last 40 years living in a 1950's rambling ranch style home, a true Mid Century Marvel. The outside is adorned in glass blocks and skinny brick....everything is on one level.  I live in a cliche'.
When we moved here, there were plastic tiles in the bathrooms, shag carpeting and yellow appliances in the galley kitchen. The windows had big old ugly Venetian Blinds and the Formica kitchen counter top was avocado green. Red flocked (bet you haven't heard that word in 25 years) wallpaper covered the dining room walls. I couldn't wait to update the place.
Several years ago, I visited a museum, near here, that featured an "all electric home" from the 1950's. It was all done up for the holidays, complete with an aluminum Christmas Tree. And, except for the tree, I felt as if I had walked into my own home!
So, back to these young folks. They had furnished their home with turquoise plastic chairs, avocado accents and chrome. The stately columns that had graced the front of their newly built home had been replaced with straight iron rods. Their open concept home was then divided into smaller, individual rooms and carpet was laid on the wood floors.
I finished the article in dumbfounded amazement. Who knew? Perhaps, I can repaint my stainless appliances a nice yellow shade for a more "up to date" look.

Great God. You must think we are all pretty silly. We are never satisfied. Remind us of the important things in life. Show us how to be gentle and kind with one another.
We are truly blessed.

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