Saturday, July 8, 2017

"Grandma, you need to look in a mirror."

I have been reading quite a bit of criticism, in the news lately, about the clothes currently worn by political wives, as they attend state functions. One critic focused on the vibrant colors of one ensemble. Her colors were to bold. She should have worn more subdued colors.  Another critic pooh-poohed the style of the dignitary's clothes. Too high fashion and too expensive for a person representing a democracy, the critic decried..
Well. Let's be thankful that our political wives aren't dressing (or in a state of undress) like most of the celebrity women we see these days. Can you imagine a Trump wearing what Khloe Kardasian wears? Or, what Taylor Swift wears? Or maybe, and this is a frightening mind picture....Hillary in one of Beyonce's outfits?
I, for one, am thrilled that all of our recent First Ladies have been dressed with class and style. Trump, Obama, Bush, Clinton. They are looked great and made our country look great..
And, frankly, I appreciate that they dress up........period. Too bad most of us don't try to emulate them. Have you looked around at your fellow Americans, lately. We don't care what we look like. And, it's pretty obvious.
The more holes and rips you have in your pants...holes make pants more expensive. Sneakers and flip flops have replaced shoes. Leggings have replaced slacks and no rear end looks attractive in leggings! Oh, and of course (as the commercial goes), we have a little plumber in all of us!
America......stop criticizing people because they can afford to look good.
America.......the next time you go shopping at Wal Mart, buy a mirror.

Dear Lord. What ever happened to forgiveness? Why can't we all just get along. Help me to work at becoming more forgiving and less critical. Help me to love more and complain less..

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