Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Killer instinct

I want to make it perfectly clear that I have never shot or held a real gun. Nor, have I ever been interested in doing so. We are not a family that hunts. However, I will admit that one of my most prized childhood possessions was a pair of ebony-handled toy six-shooters, with which I used to practice my quick-draw skills. Furthermore, I remember looking quite the fashion plate when I wore the silver studded holster, slung low on my black corduroy skirt with the contrasting white plastic fringe. But, that was 60 years ago.
But, recently, I have taken up shooting. Granted, my weapon of choice is only a pellet pistol. One shot at a time, makes it a one-shooter. And, my prey.....groundhogs.....have such tough skins, the most damage I can do (if I ever manage to hit any of the darn things) would be a sting on their backsides.
We have a large yard.
We didn't mind the varmints when they stayed in the far reaches of that back yard. However, I took up the battle when I found one on our back deck, nibbling on my potted plants.  Groundhogs are huge. They are herbivores and eat anything green. Now, the crazy things have burrowed along our foundation, on both ends of the house.
We have an invasion. Something has to be done. If the pellet gun doesn't work, I'm committed to trying gas or bombs, as a last resort.
I don't expect this violent phase of my life to continue. I will keep at it only until the groundhogs establish residency elsewhere.

Dear God: Our earthly life is full of unexpected turns. Show us how to meet each new event with joy and acceptance. Help us to see each day as a new normal. We praise you everlasting name.

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