Friday, March 16, 2018

Say the right thing...please.

People do pay attention to proper English. Right or wrong, every time you open your mouth, someone is judging your knowledge of the English Language. I do not profess to use perfect grammar....written or spoken. But, sometimes when folks speak to me, in a supposedly professional setting, and they use awful English, it hurts.
Take for example, "ain't". It is never acceptable to use the word "ain't". Recently, I was told "if it ain't got our names on it, it "ain't" for us." "Ain't", when it is spoken, (surely no one actually writes the word) is a contraction for the words "is" and "not". Charles Dickens made fun of illiterate people who used the word, in the mid-1800's. "Ain't" has been wrong, for centuries!
"Never say ain't. Say isn't", was one of the first lessons in grammar, that most of us were taught. I do know that folks over the age of 40, have no excuse.
Perhaps, teachers today do not emphasize the use of proper English. Maybe, those same teachers actually use the word "ain't". Maybe their students just aren't listening. Whatever the reason, it is unfortunate that the word continues to be used.
It is such a simple thing, but it is so wrong.

Holy Lord. Help us to do our best for You and others. Our lives are a reflection of your love and care. You do your best for us.

Monday, March 12, 2018

On my honor.......

Can you believe it? I wasn't always as cool as I am now. In high school, long after it was "the thing" to do, Little Nancy remained a Girl Scout.
Today is the anniversary of the founding of the GSA. Juliette Gordon Low, of Savannah, Georgia, is credited with beginning the organization, in 1912. My stint, with scouting, started much later. I became a brownie at age 7, in the early 1950's.
March is the month that Girl Scouts sell their cookies. Salesmanship is not one of my talents. It never has been. I was always a two or three box girl, but one year, the "top salesgirl" in our troop, just happened to be me! John, my step dad-to-be, purchased all of the boxes I could get my hands on. What a great guy, and I don't think he even liked cookies!
My friend Gene, gifted our staff with some cookies, recently. They were much appreciated and were eaten in a flash. Girl Scout Cookies are the best. Memories of long ago Girl Scouting came drifting back. Wonderful times....wonderful guys...wonderful remembrances.

Dear Lord. There are so many great people in this world. Show us how to look for the best in everyone we meet. Give us patience and understanding. Life is a blessing!
We praise your Holy Name.

Sunday, March 11, 2018


In 1952, a brand new tourist destination opened in Afton, Oklahoma. Not too long after the grand opening, no more than a year or two, my family made an afternoon drive, down to see this "new" attraction.
Buffalo Ranch Oklahoma was quite a draw. I remember being awe struck. There were several buildings, including a Western Store, a Dairy Ranch for ice cream treats, and of course lots of penned American Bison, or what we all call buffalo. I think we must have had something cool to eat or drink, because it was Summer and that was long before anyone had even heard of air conditioned cars. I think that I looked all over for Indians, but I don't remember seeing any. I was fascinated by Indians, but because I was always looking for the "painted and feathered kind", I never saw them. There may have been a pony ride concession, too.
Just like many such stops along the famous Route 66, Buffalo Ranch has changed. None of the original structures are standing. In 2002, the last remnants of the Ranch, were torn down, to make room for a typical highway convenience store.
However, the buffalo are still there. Penned up,looking fairly bedraggled and bored. They may be descendents of the same herd that I viewed 65 years ago.
Some things never change.

Dear Lord. Our memories are a part of our present lives. What happened years ago, makes us what we are today. Help us to learn from our past and lead us toward brighter futures.
We praise your Holy Name.

On the Road mistake!

Due to a series of illnesses and accidents, we haven't been out of our own neighborhood, in over a year. However, last weekend, we drove around 300 miles, down to Tulsa, Oklahoma, and back, to participate in a Family Reunion,
Traveling used to come very easy to us and because we have always made it a habit to pre-plan....lots of maps, schedules, brochures, etc...........we almost never vary from our agenda, or get lost.
Well, somehow due to advanced age or our lack of practice, this was a very different journey.
We got to Tulsa, just fine, but the GPS on our fancy phone, wouldn't or couldn't take our destination address correctly. We did arrive safely, thanks to a helpful person at Quik Trip, a teenager of course, who could actually use her phone, successfully.
Then, on the way home, it became apparent to me, the passenger, that we were on our way to Mexico City, instead of Kansas City. It is not easy to reverse course on a Turnpike, but we made it work and found our way home again, safe and sound.

Thank you Lord, for watching over us, Your foolish children. Your steadfast love endures forever.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Slice of Life

Once in a blue moon, something brand new comes along and makes a real difference in our everyday lives. Think about the invention of the automobile or Marconi's invention of the wireless. Where would we be today without Edison's electric light or Bell's simple telephone? In the Dark Ages, perhaps, but certainly not in this current age of instant mass communication and effortless travel.
Well, just recently, I was gifted with such a life changer. I now own a Pineapple Corer/Cutter. It wasn't an expensive item, and apparently several versions of this nifty little thing are available for sale, both in store and on the web. But, I had never seen one, or knew that such a thing existed. I just bought into the idea that, although I love to eat fresh pineapple, I rarely purchased one, because they are so darned difficult to prepare. Way too much trouble, for the result.
Well, this little item, cores and slices the entire pineapple, in just one process. All you need to do is cut off the leafy end and stick the Cutter/Corer in the cut end, and twist. Voila! Perfectly sliced pineapple and a separate core are at your fingertips! No more "eyes" to dig out. No more uneven slices. Beautiful!
So there you go. I'm a happy camper.
No, my slicer/corer won't alter this world, in a huge way, but it has changed mine for the better.

Dear Lord. Help us to celebrate the little things in life.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Yesterday, it was bitter cold. The morning temps were in the early twenties. Tomorrow, it is supposed to reach the mid 60's. Typical February weather for Mid-America. I don't really think so, but we have to deal with it.
Daily weather is a good analogy for life. We know that we will have cold weather in February, but occasionally, we have an unusually warm day...and that surprises us. Our lives go along at the usual pace and then POW....we get hit with a big whoop surprise.
Sometimes, the surprises are personal. They can come in the form of a sudden illness or because some of us are older, a fall. Have you watched a child fall lately? They fall. They bounce right up. As we get older, we can't do that.
Remember how you used to laugh at that old commercial..."I've fallen, and I can't get up! Well, suddenly, it's not funny, anymore. It's us! Falls are a great big deal.
Falls change lives.
Please, be careful out there, folks. Watch your step, whether it's sunny or icy. Walk carefully and deliberately. Stay upright!

Dear Lord. Watch over us. Help us to remember that life is a gift to us.Your grace is a blessing.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Take it off....take it all off!

I'm writing about pounds, of course. Since we are now in the second month of the year, and most of us have already broken our January promises to loose a few pounds, we might as well think about giving up a few things for Lent. Sort of a second shot at doing something good for our bodies. It sounds like a good plan, to me.
Lots of the youngsters at work (Staff, not residents..the residents are all elderly, like me) are following a diet that allows them to eat only fat and protein. They are not allowed to eat sugars or carbohydrates. I've chosen not to follow this regimen (not that they asked me to join them). I just can't see that my slightly elevated blood pressure and high cholesterol numbers are going to improve with stuff like deep-fried pork rinds.
The other diet, that is currently enjoying popularity is very simple. It is "not eating anything after seven p.m." I like this one, although I don't think it is going to help me much. I hardly ever eat anything after seven p.m., anyway!
Another one is the "Cut out French Fries and Soda Diet." My friend is doing that and has lost 9 pounds in two weeks. That's amazing, but the trouble is.....I not a regular soda drinker (maybe once a month) and fries don't agree with me. Fried food give me a tummy ache.
What's a girl to do?
I will cheer on the dieters and I will not offer to share any chocolate that comes my way, on February 14th.

Dear Lord. Help us to respect our bodies and our souls. You have given us many great things and we are thankful for our blessings.