Saturday, November 11, 2017

Thanks for the Memories.

Today, I had the honor  of serving breakfast to some very special people. Today was our annual Veterans Day Breakfast. It was a great event. We were honoring men and women who had served in all of the various branches of our U. S. Military. Most of our honorees were World War II Veterans (and yes, all of them were over 90), but there were a few Korean Conflict Vets, and even a couple of Vietnam Era Veterans. Also, in attendance, were several women veterans, including a Marine and a cadet nurse.
It is hard to put into words, the debt of gratitude that we, as American Citizens, owe these folks. They are very, very special citizens. They survived something most of us have never and will never have to endure. We owe them our very existence and a great deal of thanks.
It is hard for me to imagine what it must have been like 70 years ago, to be sent away from a safe home, in the United States, to fight a war in Europe or Asia. How crazy it must have been to be only nineteen or twenty years old and stare down the barrel of a gun or shoot at cities from the belly of an aircraft.
From the stories I heard today, those young women and men still remember what it was like. They are amazing heroes and survivors.

Great God, We thank You for our lives. We are blessed by your presence in our lives and by the knowledge that You watch over us, forever. Thank you for giving our veterans strength and courage.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Tell Me A Story, Grandma.

I belong to a literary organization. The group is known, by members, as JASNA. Formally, we are members of the Jane Austen Society of North America. I enjoy being a member of the group and we meet several times a year to celebrate all that is Jane Austen...her books, her life, the culture and society to which she belonged and the food she ate. I know where she lived, where she wrote, what she wrote, what she wore and where she died.
My knowledge of Jane Austen has grown immensely, in the years that I have become active in JASNA. In fact, I know more about Jane Austen, than I know about my own family. Seriously, do you know anything about your family's history between 1775 and  1819? I certainly don't. I can name my great grandparents on both sides and that's about all I know about my family tree. That's a little sad, I think.
So,  I tell you what. Write it down folks.
Buy a little notebook or type away, but, write it down. Write your life story.
Sometime in the future, (Probably not your own kids, because what do they care about you? You're just mom and dad.) your descendants will be doing some research and they will want to know all about you.Your life is important.
So write it down.

Dear God. We only live once. Our lifespans are short, but as Your children, we know that we are important to You. You love each and every one of us. We count. Help us to make the best of our short time here, We are here to honor You. Bless us.

Friday, October 27, 2017

It's Just a Number!

The workings of the human mind will never cease to amaze me. Nearly all humans have brains of relatively the same shape, size, and capacity. We all are born with brains, we grow, we learn, and it is a fact that as we age we all forget.
Somehow and somewhere in our lifetimes, something happens to our brains. A few of us go through the aging process without skipping a beat and we continue to retain most of our memory and intelligence, until we die. Others of us, forget everything we have ever learned or known. We forget who we are and we forget who we have been. We don't recognize family and friends. The human brain is one thing that our best medical doctors and scientific minds have not yet deciphered.
Yesterday, I was conversing with a resident's daughter. The resident and his daughter are really special people.  Their relationship is full of love and care for each other. In the short time, that I have known these two, it has been very obvious that our resident's memory is slowly fading. Many facts and details have been lost, forever.
But guess what? Even though he cannot remember what he ate for breakfast, he can automatically recite his G.I. Serial Number from World War II. That's well over 50 years ago!
How does that happen? Why does that happen? Well, it happens!
So, remember dear souls, that within each and every one of us there will always be a bit of a spark of who we once were. What a joy it is to find that small glimmer. We should never stop searching for it.

Great and all powerful God. We are your creatures. You alone know all of the answers. Help us to travel on toward the unknown and help others along this journey. May we always remember Whose we are. We are blessed.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

De liver de letter, de sooner de better!

The mail person finally delivered our resident mail just after 7 p.m., last night. That's really late. The daily delivery of the mail is extremely important, to our residents. Not only do they want their mail delivered, they want it delivered in a timely fashion. Furthermore, they would like it delivered at the same time, every day.
I have tried to explain the likelihood of that happening, but it is not what our seniors want to hear. Daily, I hear about the good old days when mail delivery was trustworthy and routine. It seems that years ago,when you could mail a first class letter for only three cents, the mail was always delivered, everyday at the same time.
Maybe this is true. Maybe it's not.  But, our residents remember it that way. It doesn't make any difference to me. I just know, that we would all be happier if the mail would just come before 7 p.m.

Great Lord. Help us dwell on the positive things in our lives. We are never going to have things totally the way we want them. We can't have our way all of the time. Life's greatest lesson, is that YOU are in charge. We must let things go that we cannot control. Let go and let God.

Friday, October 13, 2017

"Hi Ho, Hi Ho. You're never too old to be young."

I think Disney's seven dwarfs had it right. You are never to old to do something new.
Three of our residents.....ages between 80 and 90 years young, went skydiving yesterday. All of them raved about the experience. They loved it and no one was harmed during the filming of the event!  Then, another resident (this one a mere 92) is, in my opinion, the best pie baker on the planet. She's an expert and has been baking great pies for many years. But, the remarkable thing is that she is still doing it. And, she bakes them to give away. When she's not baking, she is fashioning hats...hundreds of handmade hats for newborns.....for a local hospital nursery. Just another thing that she has been doing for years!
One of the many advantages of being in daily contact with 80 and 90 year old folks, is that there is so much I can learn from them. They show me every day that staying young at heart and well in spirit and body, takes work. It takes action. Doing new things or continuing to do familiar things, makes life worth living.

Precious Lord. We are thankful for life. Help us to realize our potential and to share our blessings with others.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Roundabouts Redux

When I started my current job, I blogged about a "new fangled traffic arrangement" called a round- about. Now, four years later, round-abouts are still confounding and frustrating nearly all of the folks who encounter them. Things have not gotten any better.
Since I last expounded on round-abouts, the State of Missouri has seen fit to configure these confusing traffic disbursements near every Senior Community, in my immediate area. I can count at least seven, within twenty minutes of my home.
The rules of engagement, regarding round-abouts are quite simple: 1) Follow the posted speed limit. 2) On coming traffic must yield to traffic already in the circle.
Within the last week, I have met, face to face, a motorcyclist, going the wrong way, around the roundabout. He looked petrified, by the way. And, I heard the story of a pedestrian getting lost while walking on the roundabout. ( Alert!!!!Pedestrians do not have to go in the same direction as the cars!)
Lord, help us!

Good God. We are a confused and demented society. Show us the way, in all that we do.

The Joy of Words

In my opinion, one of the small pleasures in life is rereading a book that you love. This morning, my time was spent rereading a novel that I have enjoyed several times. One of the reasons for enjoying a book, over and over, is that during each reread, something new always pops up.
During today's reread, I happened upon two words words that had gone unnoticed in my previous readings. The first word was "eclaircissement." My public school education (thank you, Mlle.Laney) told me that the word had something to do with the word "clear." By golly, it did. I looked it up and found that it means,"the clearing up of something that was vague." Eureka!
Therefore, I discerned an eclaircissement of the word "moiety", after I researched its meaning. Moiety means something divided into two parts. And, the parts do not necessarily need to be equal.
You're never too old to learn something new.

Thank you Lord, for giving us a brain with which to think. Reason is a wonderful thing. With reason we are able to discover the wonderful things You have given us. With reason we can appreciate all that life has to offer.