Friday, January 19, 2018

Whatever happened to..........?

Common Courtesy!!!! I am beginning to think that the words "thank you" and "please" are disappearing from the English Language. Life is so much more pleasant, when folks couch their "asks" with a kind word like please or thank you.
Lately, I have been dealing with what we call.....Drive-by demands, drive-by complaints and drive-by snipers. Here's what I have been hearing, most recently. "Sign me up for Wal-Mart!" and " I didn't like my lunch. ( Not enough meat, or potatoes or liquid......just something wasn't right, and I want you to fix it.) and " I guess the mail isn't here yet. When are you going to do something about that?" And, all of these comments are barked at me while the speakers are on the move, from one end of my desk to the other. They don't stop, they just keep on moving. Then they are gone.
I stand there listening and await an AK-47 barrage, from their rolling-walker bags, as they pass my desk. Yap, Yap, Ya-da-ya-da......Rat-a tat-tat! Splat. She's down...... we got her!!
I think it is worth noting, however, that none of these jibes and barbs, actually require a response from me, the target. The demanders, complainers and snipers don't really want an answer or comment. They are just interested in having their comments heard.
Well, I hear you, loud and clear, of course, thank you for your concerns. You are so very welcome for sharing.

Dear God, Give me patience. Remind me that many of the comments are not aimed directly at me. Remind me that all of Your children are special in Your eyes. Keep my mind and heart focused on what you want me to do.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

I'm not sayin'............

Recently, I attended a memorial service, in honor of an old friend. The service was well planned and as is customary these days, the family had a chance to speak about their love for their relative. The music was nice. There were an appropriate number of folks in attendance. All in all, it was a fitting tribute to a long-lived, well-remembered member of the community.
There was one glaring problem. The deceased, who had long been a member of the church, where the service was held, was elderly. She had been unable to attend the church for several years, due to mobility issues.
The pastor, who no doubt is a fine preacher and gentleman, did not know the deceased. He did the best he could with the information given to him, by the family. But, he mispronounced her given name, throughout the entire service. Well, as you can imagine, that detracted quite a bit from what was otherwise a fine funeral.
I shouldn't have let it bother me. After all, the deceased had a name that could have been pronounced in the way the pastor said. Only, he was wrong....dead wrong. And, everyone knew! It was cringe worthy.
Please remember, that when my time comes, and I realize my soul will not be there to hear it, that my name is NAN-SEE.

Holy Lord. You know us by many other ways than just our given names. You know each of us by our thoughts and our work. Remember us, as we remember Your loving and all powerful ways. Jesus, let me live for You and die for You.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Reality Check

Too many folks, refuse to look at who and where they are right now. Too many seniors focus on what they once were, and bemoan everything they have lost.
Why can't seniors look forward? We are wasting what is left of our time on earth,  by living our lives in fear of what is coming "down" the road.
I think we would all find ourselves in a much better frame of mind, if we accept where we are right the present.....and look forward to what lies "up" the road, toward the best part of our lives.
For example, at my age, I am never going to look and move the way I did in my 40's. I've missed my chance to look great in a bikini, and wear 4 inch heels! There isn't a marathon in my future.
I will never be a young, busy mom again. Other women are doing that, thank goodness.
But, if we want to enjoy the rest of our lives, we need to accept who and where we are right now. We can't go back. We need to maximize the things that we can do and not worry about what we can no longer do.
Above all, we must be grateful for the small things that make our lives worth living. And, find a way to love and help others.

Lord, help me to look "upward" Help me to focus on the positive. I have far more blessings than I have aches and pains. I want to live for you.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

A New One

Happy New Year. ....and I hope it is the best one, ever.
Last year wasn't the best for many folks. Our home town had a few downs during 2017. We don't want to repeat them. The Kansas City Royals didn't win the Major League Pennant. Murders were nearly at an all-time high, and a lot of them remain unsolved. Traffic deaths were astronomical. The Kansas City Chiefs football team started out with winning all of their games, lost several in a row, and finished just so so. A lot of folks were just downright mean to each other.
On the home front, we had some medical issues. My husband Scott is still recovering from a broken leg and all of the surgery, rehab and transportation issues that go with that.
I cried a lot.
So, I look forward to a much better year. I have some goals this year that will keep us, at least me and my family, on the straight and narrow.
* I intend to laugh more and "let it go" more often.
* I intend to love more and judge less.
* I intend to pray more.....not for good stuff, but for acceptance and peace.
* I intend to say "thank you and please" any time I get a chance.
* I intend to love more and appreciate all of my blessings.

There you go.

Dear God, Thank you for this brand new year. I am sincerely grateful.

Friday, December 29, 2017

Deep Freeze

Winter has arrived in the Midwest. It's cold and the weather forecast tells us that it is going to get much colder, next week. It has been predicted that we will have at least one week of below zero weather.
But, our residents are worrying about the weather. It's what they do. Weather has been a worry all  their lives, and, at this point, they are not about to let it go.
Never mind that their apartments are warm (the temperature can be adjusted, by pushing a button or turning a dial), and all their utilities are paid.
They have no pipes that are in danger of freezing, nor will they, themselves, freeze to death.
A full service, "order whatever you want", restaurant is available from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
A well stocked convenience store is available for various paper goods, milk, candy, etc.
No one is likely to run out of toilet paper, or starve to death during this cold spell.
At least 2 movies are available in our movie theater, free of charge, every day. We offer sing-alongs, card games, a puzzle room, exercise classes and more. Joining a ukulele band is even an option.
No one should die of boredom.
In other words, bring on the cold weather. Life is pretty darn good in a retirement community.

Dear God. Why do we worry? You are going to watch over us. We know that. Teach us how to trust in your everlasting care and love.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Santa is Watching !!!!!

Have you ever heard the phrase,"One man's trash is another man's treasure."?
Well, that same phrase could be applied to this darned, new-fangled, Ugly Christmas Sweater fad. In case you haven't heard, there is now a day dedicated to the wearing of Ugly Christmas Sweaters! That, dear folks, is just plain mean.
I have a couple of special Christmas outfits, that I love. However ugly they may be to you, I think they are beautiful.  But now, I hesitate to wear them, because someone might make a comment about  my "ugly" clothing, and that would hurt my feelings.
One lady at work, has worn a different Christmas shirt, each day, during the month of December. She obviously loves them and believes that they are great. I think that they are fun and I enjoy greeting her every day, and seeing each new shirt. But just wait, someone is bound to comment on her "ugly" sweater.
Being good and kind is part of this Holy Season. Please, remember that your opinion only counts (with regards to style) when you have something nice to say. Don't be put on the Naughty List, by saying something you shouldn't.
Be Nice, instead.

Good and kind God. We are thankful for Jesus and the reason for the season. Guide us with your infinite wisdom and courage. We praise your holy name.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Mit Schlagg

What is wrong with this picture? Almost everyone I know is a bit overweight.  Yet, every holiday recipe with which I have been gifted, handed, emailed or texted, involves lots of sugar, cool whip, cream cheese and/or marshmallow fluff.
Enough already. I refuse, from this point forward, to look at another new recipe. Ina, Martha and Rachel just don't send anymore my way. Those ingredients do not belong in my grocery cart. I'm not making any of them. I have to wonder if anyone, with any sense, actually does? 
Holiday desserts are a part of the season. I get that, but, just like most of life.........within reason and with moderation.
In the meantime, I am just saying "no" to all desserts.......except maybe just one or two, or a few more.

Dear Lord, give me strength. Help me to keep my mouth shut.