Sunday, July 22, 2018

Let it!

I am going to paint my kitchen yellow. I don't think it is the current DIY trend. But, I am going with yellow.
Recently, I expounded on redecorating my kitchen. I had just started to strip the old wall paper,
and promptly had three set of guests and an out-of-town trip or two, before I could actually finish my project.
Well, I am finally back at the redo! Here's why I decided on yellow. Yellow is mellow, and it will blend with my blue and white antique dishes. I already have three entire sets of dishes, besides the blue and white ones, and at my age, I don't need to buy another set. I have too many dishes as it is.
In case the mature among don't realize it yet, your children do not want your stuff! They do not want your china. They do not want your sterling silver, and for Pete's sake, they do not want your books.
I know this, because, I am asked nearly every week, by lovely, cultured, new residents, " Do your want my books? I have wonderful books. Best sellers, every one. My kids don't want them."
200 + residents. 200 +, collections of books.
No one can bring themselves to throw away books. But, we will take them. We will attempt to find a place for therm. Our library is full to the brim, but there are places (and we know where they are) that will accept book donations.
Maybe, just maybe, in the next decade, or so, I can make good use of my blue and white dishes. Some will break, others will be lost. But, I am not leaving them to my kids.

Dear Lord. You must see the humor in your children's folly. We collect. We can't take it with us. Our stuff means nothing to anyone but us. Help us to let it go. Your arms are our final destination.We praise Your Holy Name.

Monday, July 16, 2018


My hometown is famous for several things, but mostly it is famous for its dueling chicken restaurants. Chicken Annie's and Chicken Mary's, the two rival establishments, sit, side by side and have done so, since the nineteen thirties.
The actual structures, of the two competitors, have changed drastically over the years.
I can first remember going to "Chicken Annie's" in the late nineteen forties. Dad went in and got our name on a list, and we all waited in the four door Kaiser, until our name was announced on a single loud speaker, (it resembled a horn) that was hung by a nail, on a tree, in the back yard. The food was served, in both places, from their homes.
In those days, my order was always the "fifty-cent dark meat", which consisted of a leg, thigh, slaw and German potato salad. My drink of choice was Grape Nehi. My sister always ordered white meat and Orange Nehi. Our folks meals, larger servings than ours, were priced at one dollar a person.
Upon our last visit to "Chicken Mary's", we noted that the basic batter coating, on the deep fried chicken, hasn't changed one bit in 70 years. There were other options for the sides, but slaw and German potato salad were still on the menu. At least a hundred folks were in the dining room when we arrived and the scurrying movements of the wait staff made our heads spin. The prices, believe it or not, begin at only a dollar. We enjoyed our meal, didn't break our budget and waddled out to our car, in a paved parking lot!
Fried chicken has been and will always spite of the obvious health issues of grease, grease and more grease......a draw for the American masses.

Great and all knowing God. We are thankful for our many memories. We are grateful for our current experiences. We believe that you are with us in the good times and through the rough times. We honor Your Holy Name.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

No Other Way........

There is a limit to my abilities. My common sense tells me, there is a limit. But, my crazy, impulsive self always tells me otherwise.
About two months ago, I decided to revamp my kitchen. My grandiose plan, it seemed pretty simple at the time, was to strip off all of the decades old wallpaper and to repaint the walls and the cabinets. Well, no sooner did the first strips of wallpaper come off, the phone started ringing.
Our daughter announced a surprise, two weekend visit. We were thrilled to have her, but that slowed down my DYI remodel. I didn't get a thing done while she was here, but we sure did have a lot of fun! I got back to work, right after she left.
Next, our son called from New Jersey. They have planned a road trip to Kansas City, in August. That's great because we get to see out latest grandson, for the first time, and of course the rest of the family. (I knew that I had to get busy, fast.)
However, relatives from California are coming for a few days, next week, and we are scheduled to make a quick weekend trip, to Oklahoma, this weekend.
My kitchen looks like a war zone. The walls are stripped naked and dotted with wall patch. The curtains are down and the wall switch plates are gone. I'm in the middle of a big mess.
I have to let this one go. I'll clean the floors and make things as presentable as possible and just tell my company that my kitchen is a work in progress.
Instead of BoHo Chic, the Kincaids have OhOh Chic!

Sweet Jesus, How do we get ourselves into such trouble? Why can't we realize our limits? Your Wisdom is so great and you guidance is available to all of us. Help us to listen to Your Words and Your Will. Help us to "Trust and Obey."

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Conversational English

Conversation #1.
  One morning, I encountered a woman sitting in a wheelchair, awaiting her turn in the hair salon. She looked and acted as if she were quite cold. I took her hands, in mine, and she remarked, "Your hands are so warm!" "Oh," I replied. "Let me hold your hands, in mine, for a bit. Are you chilly?"
She replied, with a big grin, "No, I'm Jackie!"
Conversation #2.
  The woman asked, "Do you have Peroxide, in the convenience store?"
"Well," I replied, "let me check for you, ma'am. (I run in the store and check the shelves. then I return to the counter.) Yes, ma'am, we have Topical Hydrogen Peroxide."
"Tropical Peroxide? Can I put that in my mouth?"
"No, it says, topical. I wouldn't drink it. You're supposed to apply it to wounds, etc. But, the bottle does say that it can be used as a mouth rinse. Just don't swallow it!"
"Great. I have a gum problem. I'll take a bottle."
Conversation #3.
Upon discovering a woman, on the floor, I asked, probably, the dumbest question ever posed.
"Did you fall?"
Her reply was, "No, I didn't fall."
Then I responded with the 2nd dumbest quested ever asked. "Why are you on the floor?"
She said, "I don't know. I'm just sitting down here."

"Nancy," (I am known to talk to myself, quite often), "sometimes, conversations are priceless and way over the top. Sometimes, there is no rhyme or reason. I need to enjoy those moments and cherish the encounters."

God, we are so blessed. Thank you, Lord. We should be particularly thankful for the opportunities that we have to help others. Show us how to do your work.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Thirty Days Hath September........

As I age, it seems to me that time seems to fly by faster and faster. "Only six months until Christmas", announced the radio guy, on my way to work this morning. I'm thinking....what on earth happened to the first half of 2018?
So, here's what I can recall about 2018, six months into the year. Around the middle of January, I gave up on my New Year's Resolutions........ whatever they were. Then, in February we had some really cold weather. In March, St. Patrick's Day came and went. In April, I mailed a lot of IRS Tax returns. May, was pretty busy, but I can't remember anything about what happened, except a very pleasant Mother's Day.
Now here we are in late June. We've already had a pack of 100 degree days, all the summer I need, and Flag Day.
But it all went by, so fast, and before I know it we will be decorating our Christmas Trees.
And, then Happy 2019!

Great and Gracious God. Show us how to slow down and enjoy this short time that we have on this Earth. We are truly blessed.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Going Postal....again.

In the past few months, I have been faced with a new type of demand. Apparently, all delivery agents, in this fair country, have developed a new kind of phone APP, that allows folks to check on the delivery status of their on-line purchases. Well, on the surface, this seems like an excellent idea.
It's not. No, it's not. Lord Almighty, it's not!
Since this electronic light-bulb became readily accessible, my life has taken a whole new turn....for the worse! Residents, their children, their friends and even their lawyers are all demanding of me, the lowly concierge, "Where is my package?"
I look around, everywhere near the postal room. I look on my counter. I look on the counter at the main desk. I look under the counters. Often times, the package is nowhere to be found.
The residents, their children, friends and lawyers all respond, "Well, it says right here (as they menacingly wave their phones at me) the package was delivered today."
I try to explain, although they don't listen, that their APP is wrong. The package may have been delivered to the UPS, USPS, FedEx or Amazon dock, or it may be on a truck, somewhere between God only knows where, and here, but it is not here.
I am the bad guy. The phone isn't wrong, I am.
But, what do you know? In a couple of days, the package shows up. Life is good. Delivery time, like all time, is relative.

Great and all powerful Lord. Patience is a virtue, but patience is sometimes hard to come by. Teach us patience and mercy, for all of God's creatures. We know that we must wait upon the Lord, but show us how to wait on others.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Triple Crown

I grew up in a household of girls. My husband grew up with only brothers. As you can imagine, we played with different toys, as children, due to what was considered "gender appropriate", for the era.
However, one toy that both of our 50's and 60's households shared, was a simple horse racing game.
We both remember that the game was housed in a rather narrow, flat box. There was a metal "spinner" that showed which horse made a move forward. The plastic horses stayed in slots, that ran the length of the box, and each individual player got to chose which horse represented him or her. The winner, of the race, was the horse that reached the end of the box, first. We agreed that both of our families enjoyed playing that simple little game.
One thing, on which we could not agree, were the horse's names. We toyed (bad pun) around with Whirlaway, Man O'War, Citation, Gallant Fox and Native Dancer. But then we remembered Twenty Grand and Sea Biscuit, All great horses, but too many names for the little game. There were, at tops, only four or maybe five horses.
I did a bit of computer research and made an interesting discovery. The original game had a copyright date of 1938. The manufacturer was named Whitman. Over the years, various horse names were added or subtracted. So depending what year your game was made, only the most popular horses, the real life winners, were the racers.
So, maybe the two families had different versions of the game. We will never know.
Nice memories.

Good and Gracious Lord. We thank you for our long lives and for the memories we hold dear. We are so blessed. Your steadfast love endures forever.